Gaming: Labor of Love

With the Labor Day weekend upon us, I find myself in a rare position: my parents have gone camping, so I have the house to myself, plus I’m actually off from work.  It’s basically just random luck if I’m off on a holiday, since we have rotating off days (stupidest idea ever).  But now I have the whole holiday weekend to enjoy having the house to myself.  Typically this means cooking experiments, tv, video games & all-nighters.

So what’s on my agenda for this weekend?

Well, as far as video gaming is concerned, I plan to finish Limbo so I can send it back to Gamefly Tuesday & get my review up.  I also want to get started on Sam & Max Save the World, which I downloaded the same time as Dreamfall but haven’t gotten around to playing.  I should probably also try to play a few more levels on Rez HD, because I feel a little bad having it sit on my console unfinished for so long.

Aside from that, I don’t know.  I just paid my credit card bill off, so I can put more MP’s on my account (I have 0 right now), but I haven’t checked the boards to see what’s up for download right now.  Who knows what I might find?

Does anyone have any plans for the weekend, gaming or otherwise?

– GamerDame


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