New Spiritual Successor to Shadow of the Colossus in Development?

It’s always a shame when a game is critically acclaimed, yet does poor financially.  Just because something’s “good” doesn’t mean it’ll be “successful”.  For games, this can happen for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps they’re unconventional, or from an unknown company.  It may even be something as simple as timing.  Releasing a game at the end of a console cycle or at the same time as other larger titles can be disastrous.  A big part of this is because developers & publishers focus on a very narrow window of time after a game’s release to consider it a success.  The first few weeks after a release is crucial, both in terms of recouping expenses & telling if a studio did well enough to warrant additional work.

Fortunately, with the rise of Indie games, titles that have developed a cult following over the years still have hope.  Through people with gaming know-how willing to take risks & fans backing them financially, titles that the AAA industry would shy away from as being too risky can still see their legacy carried on, albeit under a different name.

One game in particular that fans have been dying for a sequel to (& one I’d snatch up in a heartbeat if Sony ever released it on the PS4) is Shadow of the Colossus.  News on a spiritual sequel developed under the same team, The Last Guardian, has been a bit of a roller coaster ride.  It was happening, then it wasn’t.  Then it was back, but then nothing new was shown at conferences.  Development has gone dark at random points during its eight years.  The last news I heard offered nothing new in terms of what the game’s about, but it has been slated for a PS4 release next year.

However, fans of Shadow of the Colossus might not have to wait that long, at least if a recent reveal trailer is any indication.  This trailer was for Prey for the Gods.  Being developed by a three man studio, No Matter Studio, not much in known about this title, not even a release date.  But I saw one comment describing it as Shadow of the Colossus meets Tomb Raider, & I have to admit that kind of fit my impression.

Prey for the Gods is a brutal journey set on a desolate frozen island, where your only chance of survival is to destroy the very gods you believe in.

 In Prey for the Gods, you play a lone hero sent to the edge of a dying world to discover the mystery behind a never-ending winter. Arriving with only the clothes on your back, you must survive the colossal dangers that you encounter. To restore balance and reclaim the land from the brink, you will be faced with questions that not even a God knows the answer to.

Presumably sent to kill the gods who have turned against mankind, plaguing them with the harsh winterscape we see in the trailer, the hero (appearing female to me) must find the shrines to these gods & end their reign by ending their lives.  Though I’m going to go out on a limb & say that things aren’t what they seem, & just like in Shadow of the Colossus, you’ll probably just end up making things worse.  The exact method for killing the gods isn’t completely known, but the trailer does show the hero using a bow and climbing on the furry beast, so it’s probably a safe bet that each god will act as a puzzle where you have to find weak points.

Currently, No Matter Studios says the game will definitely be for PC & Mac, though their official press page says they’re actively looking to bring it to consoles as well.

If this piques your interest, you can check out the game’s official site or their Twitter page.  They seem pretty active with keeping people updated on the game’s progress.


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Upgrading Suggestions?

Hey guys.  Instead of my usual posts passing on random bits of information to you that I may find interesting, this time I’m hoping you all can pass on some information to me.

I’ve been thinking about upgrading my PC for a while now, but have little experience messing around with the innards of a computer.  I’d rather upgrade my components than get something new because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving all my files over to something new, & I hate Windows 10.  I’ve been doing research on the web for a while, but my concerns are that I may be missing some vital piece of information.  Finding suggestions for GPUs is easy enough, but all the posts I’ve found relate to PC models newer than my own, & thus I’m afraid the components wouldn’t work with my current system or that I would need to upgrade other parts.

So I’m turning to you guys for help.

My main goal is to upgrade my GPU for better gaming performance.  What I have now works for the games I own, but I’ve noticed recently a lot of juttering during gameplay for more recent titles.  Besides, my PC is getting kind of old, so it’s probably due an upgrade anyway.  If any of you have been following my post for a while, I actually had to by my current PC right after my review of Painkiller.

Here are my current PC stats:

  • Dell XPS 8500
  • Intel Core i5-3450 CPU @ 3.10GHz
  • AMD Radeon HD 7570
  • unsure on PSU, but it’s whatever’s stock with an 8500

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  I’m not looking for the most expensive upgrades, but something that balances cost & long-term value.  It probably won’t be until next year when I upgrade, but I’d like to have all my options sorted about before I start giving it serious thought.  And sadly, I don’t know anyone who’s tech savvy, especially in relation to gaming.

Thanks in advance.

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