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DLC Review: The Trouble With Clones

Am I the only one who finds a story about a nerd idolizing a street gang a little odd?  Well, I guess I shouldn’t, given that I’m playing a video game (typically considered a nerd activity) about being a gang member.  So perhaps Volition was trying to make a statement about their audience with their DLC The Trouble With Clones.  But I suppose the plot of a nerd’s amateur experiment going array isn’t new.  My last Saints Row 3 DLC, Gangstas in Space, was an exercise in over-the-top, satirical fun.  Can this DLC top it?

Where exactly do nerds get this stuff?

Plot: Jimmy Torbitson, the Saints’ “biggest fan,” attempts to resurrect Johnny Gat by using various pieces of DNA in a cloning machine.  However, the resurrected Gat isn’t completely mentally stable, & the brute goes on a rampage across the city.  This leaves the Boss & Pierce no choice but to team up with the nerdy Jimmy through various failed schemes to calm “Johnny Tag” down enough to have him join the Saints.  Of course, this isn’t easy, between the raging science that created the brute & the military attempting to destroy the rampaging beast at every turn.


  • 3 missions
  • 2 homies, Johnny Tag & Aisha Brutella
  • 1 new weapon, the Swarmitron, for use only during the missions
  • 1 vehicle, the Torbitron
  • 10 achievements: B.A.M.F (defeat enemies using melee only), Public Enemy #1 (destroy 45 police vehicles), Weird Science (complete 1st mission), Eye of the Bee-Holder (use Swarmitron on 25 fans), Sting Operation (destroy 5 guard vehicles), Tour de Farce (complete 2nd mission), Supaa-Excellent! (shoot down helicopter with a fireball), Send in the Clones (kill a brute with melee only), The Johnnyguard (protect Johnny from damage) & My Pet, Monster (complete dlc)
  • Total gameplay time added: 2 hrs

Cost: 560 MP or $6.99

Nice look you've got there, Johnny

Opinion: Personally, I have mixed feelings about this DLC.  I thought that the first mission was pretty fun, the second was okay & the third was awesome.  The first mission is your standard drive-around-blowing-vehicles-up-goodness.  Nothing new, but still a lot of fun.  The second mission was… well, just plain weird.  Watching Pierce in a mid-drift top singing Aisha’s songs was just disturbing.  But the third mission was definitely the best.  In it, the Boss is under the influence of a radioactive Saints Flow drink, which gives them super powers, just like in the commercial.  It feels like being a superhero.  You can run faster than any vehicle, which sends pink sparks flying in your wake.  You can take people out in a single punch, complete with comic book exclamations (like BLAM!).  And you can shoot fireballs!  I was grinning from ear to ear during the entire thing.  I just wished this was available in the regular game.

I have to give some attention to Jimmy, the classic fanboy.  He’s obviously based off the nerd from the Robot Chicken franchise.  From his looks down to his voice.  And I have to say, the running dialogue between him & the Boss is one of my favorite parts of the missions.  He tells the narrative of the plot in this grandiose, self-deluded fashion, which makes it all the funnier when the Saints say things that disagree with him.  It’s especially funny in the third mission when the Boss can hear what Jimmy’s saying & tells him to use a phone next time.

Insert punchy Hadoken comment here

However, I do have to say that I found the new content very lacking.  The Swarmitron is only available during the second mission, & it isn’t really that much fun.  You’d think a gun that shoots bees at people would yield a bigger reaction from people, but it’s just not that much fun to watch when compared to other weapons.  And the Torbitron truck is pretty basic as well.

Consider this a recommendation with reservations.  While overall I didn’t find this DLC that impressive, I really, really enjoyed the final mission.  And as with the other DLC, you can replay it as many times as you want, so at least you get your money’s worth.

– GamerDame

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DLC Review: Gangstas in Space

Gangstas in Space is the first Saints Row: The Third mission dlc I’ve purchased.  I honestly haven’t been paying that much attention to the release of these dlc’s, mainly because I’ve been playing several other games that I haven’t completed yet (Amalur, Half Life 2 & Painkiller).  But this week I finally got around to downloading two of the three mission content & I decided to play through Gangstas in Space first.

Coming to a theater near you

Plot: Gangstas in Space can be played at any point in the game.  It doesn’t include any of the other main characters.  Just call Andy Zhen from your mission screen to start them.  And despite having the same title as Johnny’s comic, the story doesn’t really have anything to do with it.  Instead, the missions involve the Boss staring as the hero of a retro space invasion movie & having to deal with the insane director.  The scenes go from saving the alien princess, escaping military & space attacks, & destroying the mind control devices.


  • 3 missions
  • 2 Homies
  • 2 aircrafts
  • new clothing
  • 10 achievements: I Do My Own Stunts (parachute landing), First Contact (destroy all spacecrafts during chase), Union Buster (kill 15 cameramen), Xenaphobe (kill mini-boss), Lights! Camera! Action! (find clapboards), Pew! Pew! Pew! (use Laser Pistols), Warrior Princess (use melee attacks), Revenge of the Navigator (destroy spacecrafts with the new vehicle), Do A Barrel Roll! (performs all stunts) & C-List Celebrity (complete dlc)
  • Total gameplay time added: 1 1/2 to 2 hrs

Cost: 560 MP or $6.99

The subtitle for this movie could be "Attack of the Amazon Aliens"

Opinion: This dlc continues SR3’s trend of crazy action & satire.  The action ranges from storming a military base, shooting down alien ships from the back of a jeep, to flying around in an alien ship that looks like it’s from Flight of the Navigator (which is obviously intentional based on the related achievement).  I liked how the scenes switch between filming the scenes & the real world, usually indicated with a grainy film reel quality over the screen for a few seconds.  It’s definitely different from the structure of the usual missions, where everything is life or death.  No, this is just for the fun of it — & the fame, of course.  From having to redo scenes to seeing behind the sets, it really gives a feel of being in a movie.  It also makes it very funny when the Boss forgets their lines, breaks character or decides to… ad lib.

During the missions there are a few new toys to play with.  In the second mission you get to use three different laser weapons that look straight out of a retro b-movie.  There’s a pistol, sub-machine gun & rifle.  Unfortunately, you can’t use these weapons outside of that mission.  You also get to shoot from the back of Hummer in the first mission & finally get to pilot one of the alien crafts in the last one.  The spaceship is one of the vehicles added after you complete the dlc, along with another hoverbike.  Both vehicles are a lot of fun to use.

Oh no he didn't!

I also have to give the dlc credit for both its characters & music.  Although it only introduces two new characters, they’re both up to Volition’s usual quirky standards.  The director, Andy Zhen, starts out as being a little eccentric, but by the end you’ll be ready to kill him.  Your co-star Jenny Jaros, who plays the role of Princess Kwilanna, comes off as very dynamic in spite of her short role in the game.  She starts as a bit of a star-struck airhead, but through the on-going dialogue with the Boss actually becomes very likeable & realistic.  I was glad that she becomes a Homie after you complete the dlc.  And as with the rest of the SR3 soundtrack, the music during the missions is really good & fits the theme of the story.

I also want to include that these missions can be replayed as many times as you want.  After completing the dlc, if you save the game & then load that save, you’ll find the missions available again from the start.  This is really useful for getting the achievements… & just for the fun of it.

Overall, I recommend this dlc for continuing the chaotic good time of Saints Row.  The missions are fun, humorous, & add some nice bonuses to the rest of the game.

– GamerDame

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