I didn’t discover my passion for video games until I was in high school.  I’d played games before then, of course, but it’d been a very long time.  The first system my family owned was the Nintendo.  I didn’t play a lot back then, & it was mostly for my dad.  The only game I remember really playing was Dragon Quest.  We had other games that I’m sure everyone remembers: Mega Man, Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt, etc.  We got the Super NES when it came out.  That was when I really got interested in games.  I played a lot, especially the fighting games.

Sadly, there’s a very large gap between my game consoles as I stopped playing them.  My dad had been the one who had been interested enough to buy them before, & after he lost interest I didn’t have any way to buy them myself.  It’s strange to say, but I went from a SNES to an XBox.  In fact, the last game I played before the XBox was Super Mario RPG (not counting the few times I played Super Mario 64 at a friend’s house).

Between those times, I was still interested in games, I just didn’t play them.  My dad, for whatever reason, still kept his subscription to Nintendo Power.  I enjoyed reading the magazine & learning about new games, even if I couldn’t play them myself.  I knew a lot about the latest games, thanks to the internet.

Again, it was my dad who reintroduced me to gaming around my high school years.  He bought an XBox with his tax rebate money one year.  At first I wasn’t all that interested in it.  It was a brand new system, & not a lot of good games had come out yet.  I remember thinking how dumb my dad was for buying the XBox instead of a Gamecube or PS2.  The first game he bought was The Simpsons Road Rage.  But since no one else in the family  has any technical skills, I ended up being the one having to hook up & test everything about.  And from there a love affair was born.

Luckily, good games started coming out.  The first really good game we got was Halo.  I still own it & enjoy playing it, even though I’m not that big into shooters.  It didn’t take long for me to become the primary user of the system.  I bought most of the games, & pretty soon my dad grew tired of the system.  But by now I had my own money, so I was able to buy whatever I wanted.  And things just kind of grew from there.  Now I have a 360, Wii, & a computer capable of playing the latest games.  The Wii is the newest purchase, so I haven’t done a lot with it yet.  I think that’s mainly because it’s in the living room, while the other two systems are in my room.

So, what kind of games do I enjoy?  Primarily I play RPG’s.  Bioware is one of my favorite developers, but I also like Bethesda.  Elder Scrolls 4 was my first 360 purchase.  I also like fighting, action/adventure, & puzzles.  I don’t mind playing other types, but they’re not my first choice.

People often tell me they’re surprised to learn I enjoy games.  Not just enjoy, but love them.  I guess I don’t fit the stereotype, & not just because I’m female.  Most people assume gamers are aggressive, antisocial, &/or nerdy.  I’m not really any of those things.  I’m not particularly nerdy, though I have my moments.  I’m more passive-aggressive than anything.  And while I’m not exactly a social butterfly, I’m not a compete recluse.  To me, video games are just another form of entertainment.  It’s just like reading a book or watching a movie.


9 responses to “About

  1. chikg33k

    Finally, another female gamer!
    I enjoyed reading your story and look forward to more of your reviews. ~chikg33k

  2. I second the above comment– yay more ladies! Your blog is great, I found it by your analysis of The Path and haven’t been able to stop reading 🙂

  3. Blacksheep Leader

    Republique is available on iPad. Give it a try!

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