Type a request for a game you think I should play.  Just remember, no Playstation or handheld titles.  Be sure to include the console & genre if it’s an obscure game.

– GamerDame

10 responses to “Requests

  1. I have a request for a game you should play! I am looking forward to it a great deal and if you like challenging games this one may deliver. it is Dark Souls. it comes out October. I’ll definitely be reviewing it myself as well.

    • Yay, first request! I do intend to get Dark Souls when it comes out. I was kinda bummed that I couldn’t play Demon’s Souls since it’s a PS3 exclusive. Of course, if it’s as hard as everyone says it is, it’ll probably be a while before I can properly review it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. chikg33k

    would love to read your impressions about some of the older RPG titles for Xbox 360 such as: Two Worlds, The Last Remnant, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Dragon Age: Origins, etc… (can you tell I’m still playing “catch-up”?)

  3. Hello, found your page by looking up stuff on the Slender game.
    Slender was suggested to me by a friend after i announced i had beaten Gothic. Going to youtube revealed certain similarities in atmosphere. I used the search tool and found no relevant result for Gothic on your page so i assume you’ve not played/reviewed it? It can be bought at for just under $10, has multiple paths, can be beaten in around 40 hours (i dawdled some). Unfortunately the company that produced it used the most awkward control set up imaginable. You can change the controls, but not the way they interact with each other. For instance, there is an action key, but no attack key. To attack, you have to find an enemy that is in range, hold down the action key, and then use the movement keys to swing your weapon in the corresponding direction. To interact with objects or pick them up, hold down the action key, and push the forward key. Once i figured this out, the rest became a little more intuitive. Jumping is a nightmare, but fortunately there aren’t any jumping puzzles to exacerbate the issue.

    At $10 i thought it was well worth playing, and left me with a good feeling upon completion. So anyway, there’s my recommendation/request for a review.

  4. Moses

    Spec Ops: The Line and Velvet Assassin both in steam.

  5. What are your views on JRPGs?

    • They’re a bit iffy for me. Generally I prefer western RPGs because they tend to focus more on letting the player build a character rather than plonking you down in a certain role. I also don’t like grinding. I feel like experience should be gained naturally as you progress through the world, not having to stick around fighting the same monsters in the same spit of land. I know some of that is on me, because I tend to feel a compulsion to grind if I’m playing a JRPG, but only because I feel I have to. They also tend to be slower at the start, which ordinarily I don’t mind, but it compounds the grinding thing, & results in me spending hours & not getting anywhere. Thus I tend to lose interest.

      My personal experience has been mixed. One of the first games I ever played was Dragon Warrior (or Dragon Quest), which I really enjoyed. I also liked Super Mario RPG, if that counts. But recent experience hasn’t been great. I’ve tried Final Fantasy 13, Xenoblade Chronicles, Tales of Vesparia & Record of Agarest War with the past few years & lost interest in all of them.

      However, I don’t think it’s dampened my interest. If I think a game sounds interesting, I’ll give it a try. For instance, I’ve been keeping my eye on Persona 5 & NieR: Automata, now that I have a Playstation. I’ve also heard they’re planning to remaster FF12, which I’ve heard from even people who don’t typically like Final Fantasy games was pretty good.

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