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Skyrim Glitch Fix (Kinda): Miraak Battle

As much as I enjoyed the new Dragonborn DLC, I did encounter a glitch during the final part of the main quest that is game-breaking.  Searching for a solution, I found that a lot of people have been having this problem.  And of course there are workarounds if you get this for your PC, but console users may be stuck until it gets patched.  And considering I don’t know if you can leave the Apocrypha once you start the last quest, this could ruin a lot of people’s games.

The glitch occurs during the final battle with Miraak atop the summit in Apocrypha.  What’s supposed to happen is that, after landing with the dragon, Miraak will say a few things before the battle actually starts.  Once you damage Miraak enough, he’ll use Spectral Form so that you can’t hurt him & he’ll kill one of the dragons flying overhead, absorbing their soul & healing himself back to full health.  This will repeat twice more (for a total of three times).  After he absorbs the third dragon you can actually kill him, completing the quest.

However, in this glitch, the first time Miraak goes into Spectral Form he’ll kill the dragon, absorb his soul, heal… but remain in Spectral Form.  He won’t do anything else but just stand there.  He doesn’t attack.  Nothing.  Unfortunately, this means you can’t damage him either, sticking players in limbo.


I tried to attack him using weapons, magic & shouts, but nothing worked.  Periodically during the fight the dragons will swoop down & use Frost Breath, but that doesn’t have any affect either.  I tried to kill the other two dragons, thinking their deaths would snap him out of the glitch, but I couldn’t damage them either.  Trying to command the dragons to attack him didn’t work either.  I also tried to do enough damage in the first round that he wouldn’t be able to go Spectral, but I couldn’t find a way to do enough damage fast enough.  It’s pretty instantaneous once he goes below a certain amount.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a fix for this glitch once it happens, but I do know how to prevent it:

Hold back with your attacks during the first three rounds of the battle.

From what I observed, it seems that absorbing the dragon souls is supposed to fully heal Miraak.  However, it looks like there’s a set amount of health they’ll actually restore.  So if you drain Miraak’s health to almost nothing, he won’t absorb enough health back to trigger his AI to come out of Spectral Form.

The easiest way to prevent this glitch, then, is to not go all out until after he’s absorbed the third dragon soul.  Back off after a few attacks to see if he’ll go Spectral.  I accomplished this by using my second best weapon & backing off after a few hits.  When I was careful about how much damage I gave him, I didn’t have any trouble finishing the fight.

I hope this helps anyone who’s stuck or wants to make sure they don’t get stuck.

– GamerDame


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Gamer Tip: Infinite Skyrim Experience

I’ve been sick with a cold for the past few days, so I haven’t felt like playing any new games.  I did, however, log some more hours in Skyrim & learned of a bug or glitch to give you “infinite” experience in your skills.  I put quotation marks because obviously you can only level your skills up to level 100 (at least in vanilla Skyrim).  I can’t take any credit for discovering this little trick, but I thought it would be a cool thing to pass on to my readers.

To begin this glitch, you must have completed the Discerning the Trandmundane quest.  It’s a rather long quest, so I’m not going to go into how to complete it all.  That’s not what this short guide is for.  Suffice to say, it ends with the Dragonborn receiving the Oghma Infinium book from the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora.  This is a special book, reminiscent of the Necronomicon, that when read allows the player to choose a one time increase to their skills.  There are three paths to choose: Might (combat skills), Shadow (thievery skills) & Magic (self-explanatory).  Whichever path you choose, you’ll get a five level increase on those skills & the book will disappear from the game.

However, there is a glitch that you can exploit to prevent the book from disappearing after you read it, allowing you to max your skills out.  I can certify that this glitch works on all versions of Skyrim, given that I did this just a few days ago.

Important note: I highly recommend saving your game often in case you mess this up.  I’d recommend saving after each level increase & choosing your perk.

  1. Once you have the Oghma Infinium, go to any bookshelf that you own.
  2. Select the bookshelf to bring up the inventory screen.
  3. From the inventory screen, highlight the Oghma Infinium & read it (on my 360 version I always used the right trigger).
  4. Choose your path.
  5. Close the book but do not exit the inventory screen.
  6. While still in the inventory screen, select to store the Ogham Infinium.
  7. Exit out of the inventory screen.  The book should appear on your bookshelf, though noticeably visually glitched.
  8. Select the book to read.
  9. When the prompt comes up, select “Do Not Read” then Take the book.  This will put it back in your inventory.
  10. Repeat steps 2-9 until you reach your desired levels.

It should also be noted that doing this process glitches the bookshelf you’re using, adding one extra slot each time you return the Ogham Infinium to the shelf.  I ended up with over 60 available slots on the shelf.  I haven’t tested to see how this will affect any other books placed there.

Using this glitch, I maxed out all of my skills & went from level 49 to 81.  It’s a useful glitch if you’re at a higher level & are having trouble leveling up some of your less-focused-on skills.  It should also be noted that this only increases your skill levels, it doesn’t give you unlimited perks or anything like that, so your overall level increases normally.

One thing I didn’t test was whether it’s safe to leave the building with the book in your bookshelf.  I didn’t move from the spot I was standing in until I was finished leveling up & used the book normally on my final level up attempt to make it disappear to avoid any future problems.  At best, I’d say take the book with you if you want to take a break from the glitch, as keeping it in your inventory afterwards doesn’t seem to have any affect.

Have fun with your new, all-powerful Dragonborn!  And for those who say this is cheating, I’d like to think the god of forbidden knowledge would approve of such behavior.

– GamerDame

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