DLC Reviews Explained

Downloadable Content Reviews are much less formal than my regular Game Reviews.  This is because you have to already have the original game to access the dlc, so it’s safe to assume you own &/or liked the original game.  DLC Reviews will result in a simple recommend or not in the end, without an actual score.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a structure to my reviews.  For DLC Reviews there are 4 sections:

  1. Plot:  This is similar to the Story section in my regular reviews.  It’s basically a brief synopsis of the point of the dlc.
  2. Adds:  This is a list of what the dlc adds to the game.  It includes in-game content, achievements, & roughly how many hours of gameplay is added.
  3. Cost:  Just a listing of how many points the dlc costs.
  4. Opinion:  This is the real review part of the game.  It gives my experience with the game, whether good or bad.  I’ll discuss my opinion of such aspects as: How well is the story written?  Is it fun to play?  Does the new content work properly?  Is it worth buying?  In the end this results in a broad recommendation on whether or not the content is worth getting.

Please note that at this moment, the only dlc I have access to is through XBox Live.  I haven’t yet connected to Wii Shop.  I’m unsure of whether I will or not yet.

– GamerDame

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