Weekend Gaming Recap

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I particularly did, since I got a few things accomplished & enjoyed having some peace & quiet around the house.  I got some gaming done.  In fact, I stayed up all night playing.  That’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m off on a holiday: bake a pizza or pop some popcorn, get a few energy drinks & have my own little gaming marathon.  So what was on the agenda?


I managed to finish the game (I’ll post my review either later today or tomorrow).  I’m really glad I was home alone, because that game was frustrating as all hell.  There was much dying, screaming & cursing.  I didn’t officially time myself, but it took me the better part of an 1 1/2 hours.  I won’t go more into my experience with the game before my actual review, but I will say that when it was over, I was in serious need of chocolate.

Sam & Max Save the World

Although I finished two of the episodes, I won’t review the game until I’m completely done (there are six episodes).  The game has been fun & interesting so far.  The humor strikes me as very tongue-in-cheek, & there were parts that made me grin.  The “boss fight” with Brady Culture at the end of Episode 1 had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt.  Let me try to explain: 

Brady siced his diminutive child star army on me, & every time I tried to move they’d attack.  So I went through the dialogue options.  I skipped the “Attack Brady” option because I figured that was too easy, & obviously I didn’t tell them to “Attack Me.”  So I told them to “Attack Yourselves,” & snickered at the ensuing slap fight before Brady stopped them.  The “Attack Video Tapes” had me rolling as they slapped the stack of tapes before Brady ruined my fun.  The next dialogue options were “Become.”  “Become Brady” made them grin evilly, “Become Me” made them say random lines that Sam would’ve said, & “Become Yourselves” made them behave in an exaggerated manner (one bawled, one really had to go to the bathroom & the other mimed spray painting).  It was the “Become Video Tapes” that had me near tears, because all three stood still with their arms out in box-like fashion.  After that, a third option appeared, “Worship.”  Telling them to “Worship Video Tapes” was good for a few laughs as they bowed down to the box of tapes (symbolic of modern culture?).  But the correct answer was telling them to “Worship Me,” which made Brady jealous & then “Attack Me,” which makes Brady get mad & call himself Me, resulting in him being tackled by the munchkins.

 Rez HD

I did manage to play some more Rez… unsuccessfully.  I died on the boss fight in Area 3.

I also downloaded two Indie game trials; Solar & Lumi.  Solar is a game where you play as the sun & try to complete various challenges, or you can play the sandbox mode.  Basically you fly around the solar system, picking up planets & asteroids while trying to protect your system of other asteroids.  I didn’t care for it too much, so I’ve already deleted it.  Lumi, on the other hand, I might eventually get as a full game.  You play as this cute little light creature that looks like he’d be at home in a Pokemon show.  Something invades your home & you have to bring the light back.  I got a phone call in the middle of playing, so my trial ran out before I got into the second level, so I’ll have to play more before I decide.

I also figured out how to fix my chat.  I didn’t realize I had my headset muted so I could hear other but they couldn’t hear me.  I don’t like my headset, regardless.  It’s the one that came with the system & clearly was not designed for a small female’s head.

Other than that, most of my time was spent either watching tv or Let’s Play’s on Youtube.  It was a good weekend.

– GamerDame


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