Snap Reviews Explained

Snap Reviews is my newest section.  These are quick reviews based on little experience with a game.  Snap judgments, if  you will.  This section came about because I realize that I’m not what anyone would call a “hardcore gamer.”  I don’t play video games like they’re a job; I play them for fun.  I’m not going to play a game just to say I’ve played it all the way through if I don’t enjoy it.  And between Gamefly & demos on XBL, there are plenty of opportunities for me to try games that just aren’t for me.  However, that doesn’t mean that my experience with them isn’t a valid assessment.  A particular game may not be for me, but I can usually tell what type of gamer it would appeal to.

Because I don’t think it’s fair to rate such games as I would regularly, Snap Reviews will be much more informal, & won’t involve any scoring system.  Instead, I will state why I didn’t think the game was for me, followed by who I think the game would appeal to.  Obviously I don’t have enough experience to recommend or not recommend the game, but if it sounds like a good fit for your style of gaming, you may wish to check it out.

There are a few loose guidelines for Snap Reviews.  Just because I didn’t finish a game completely doesn’t mean it’ll get a Snap Review.  Even if a game is so bad I can’t finish it, that is a valid assessment & will warrant a regular review.  Snap Reviews will instead be games that I didn’t feel compelled to complete but that I don’t have enough experience with to give a confident score to.  Like I said, very loose.  More or less, it’ll just depend on how I feel like categorizing it.

– GamerDame


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