Gamer Chronicles

My Gamer Chronicles is a new section I’m working on.  Because some games take time for me to play through & properly review, it’s a way for people to keep up with my progress & have some fun things to read before the proper review.  But what are they?

Gamer Chronicles isn’t exactly a walkthrough for games.  Instead, it is my attempt to tell my experience with a game for the first time.  It will have my reactions, thoughts and actions during the game.  This can be in regards to the story, such as my reactions to a particularly surprising plot twist, my frustration at awkward controls or death, or even thoughts during multiplayer (assuming I ever use it)  For example, if I were to write a Gamer Chronicle for Dragon Age: Origins, part of it might go something like this:

I watched tensely as the high dragon soared overhead, disappearing into the frozen mountains.  I breathed a sigh of relief as it settled down to rest, confident nothing could pose a threat to such a beast.  With the threat of the dragon looming literally over me, I quietly searched the area.

I noticed a gong out in the open.  Seems like an odd place to leave something so strange.  Stupidly, I rang to gong to see what would happen.  I mean, there had to be a reason it was here.  I realized my mistake… right about the time the high dragon swooped down upon my party.  “Bugger!”

I hope that gives you some idea of what I’m trying to do.  Basically it’s just a fun way to write about my experience with games.  The only real guideline for Gamer Chronicles is that it has to be my first time playing a game.  That’s when all the craziness happens, after all.

– GamerDame


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