BioWare Wants You To Be An Explorer

So much news from BioWare in just a few weeks.  They must be gearing up for the big promotional time for Mass Effect: Andromeda.  This time, however, the news is actually worth getting excited about if you consider yourself a fan of the series.

This week BioWare officially opened their Explorers Wanted Contest, where they’re offering fans the opportunity to voice a small part in the upcoming Andromeda game.  Interested contestants need only record their vocal take of one of the two character scripts offered on the company’s blog site, email it to them, & wait.

There are two different character scripts to choose from.  Script 1 is for Jordan Tate “a smart and talented indie documentarian eager to give the real perspective on life in Andromeda”, with the one-page script being a very brief interview with Ryder.  Script 2 is for a “tough mercenary” discussing a job with another mercenary & perhaps a little insight into the politics of the region.  Although the initial video I saw reporting this stated the script for Jordan Tate was for women & the mercenary was for men, I saw nothing on BioWare’s official page suggesting these roles were gendered.  After all, there have been plenty of female mercenaries in the Mass Effect, & Jordan is a pretty androgynous name.  So I believe fans can choose which ever they prefer.

The recordings are to be judged in October & graded based on voice quality, quality of the performance & “match to Mass Effect franchise style.”  Whatever that implies…

But this isn’t just a ploy to get some voice snippets from fans to add into the game.  BioWare is going to extra mile for this.  According to the contest page, they’ll pick two winners — presumably the best from each role — & fly them to the closest BioWare studio (Los Angeles, London or Edmonton), put them up at a hotel of their choice for 2-days & 3-nights, & bring them into the recording studio to professionally record their lines.  Given that the time of recording for these roles will be between November & year’s end & that the game is currently slated for release in March 2017, I doubt these will be massive roles, likely only added now to encourage interest in the release.  Still, it’s an exciting opportunity.

If you’re interested, you can get all the information, including the rules & scripts, from BioWare’s blog page.  But be quick.  All submissions must be in by September 28.

– GamerDame


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