Gamer’s Resolve

I typically don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, because I feel placing that title on a goal tends to backfire.  Few people stick to their resolutions.  When I used to go to the gym, I found it endlessly amusing to watch the number of cars packed into the parking lot gradually diminish as the weeks rolled by.

Not that I haven’t set certain goals for myself.  But I’ve learned that the best way to work toward some improvement is to start in small, manageable, clearly defined steps.  Success breeds success.  It’s a basic idea they teach in psychology for helping people make real change in their lives.  Just saying, “I’m going to exercise!” isn’t a helpful statement.  A good goal statement would be, “I’ll walk 15 minutes during my lunch break,” is far better because it’s definable & doable.

Of course I set some of the goals that everyone does.  Try to eat better, be more active, save more money, etc.  But my big goal I want to work towards this year is being more efficient with my time.  This may surprise anyone who knows me personally, because I’m a very time-oriented person.  I’m always early.  I’m always conscious of deadlines.  I get irritated when meetings run over their scheduled time.  I own no less then four calendars/planners & have at least one on my at all times.  But that is solely because I learned way back in elementary school that I am a procrastinator at heart.  If the idea of the Seven Deadly Sins is that they’re at the heart of every problem humanity faces, then Sloth is definitely the one I’m most susceptible to.  I can (& indeed, have) killed time like nobody’s business.  I have to schedule everything I want to get done on a given day & do it as soon as possible before I can get distracted.

Because of this, my major goal this year is to be more efficient & disciplined with my time — both in business & in play.  Less wasted time.  As far as this blog is involved, I’ve resolved to work through my massive backlog this year.  To that end, I’ve created a list of every game that I currently own & need to start/finish in alphabetical order.  Between physical & digital copies, I have over 50 games I need to play.  It’s over 50 because games with multiple titles I only listed once & will play them in succession when I get to them (ex. Tomb Raider).

Here are the rules I’ve set up to help me achieve this:

  1. Two games will be in play at any given time.  I will go alphabetically down the list, but I will pair a shorter game (>20 hours) with a longer game (<20 hours).
  2. I will play one game for at least some time every day, except Sunday.
  3. I cannot buy another game until I finish one of the games currently in play.  This doesn’t accumulate, meaning even if I’ve finished 3 games when something I want to buy comes out, I have to wait until I finish one of the games I’m currently playing.
  4. I will allow myself to drop a game if I truly can’t stomach finishing it & my review will reflect as such.  If someone finds a game so deplorable they can’t finish it, that is a valid reflection of their experience.

Pretty simple but well-defined rules.

I’ve also cancelled by Gamefly subscription, though that was also about saving money.  I may reopen my subscription later, but only after I’ve made some significant headway.

I think it’s very doable, & hopefully will result in a better experience for you guys.  Up first will be Antichamber & Bloodborne, so expect First Impressions on them soon.  Just for fun, I might do a running tally of deaths in Bloodborne.

I’ll keep my Backlog page updated, as well as my Notice Board.  Here’s to a great 2016!



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