Dragon Age Inquisition’s 1st DLC Announced (& Launched) Today

I don’t know if this is a growing trend for BioWare, but it seems like the past few major DLCs have come out of nowhere.  Dragon Age II‘s last DLC, Mark of the Assassin, caught me by surprise when it came out.  And now BioWare announces their first single-player DLC for Inquisition THE DAY BEFORE it comes out.  Seriously, the trailer came out on release day — although I think the achievements for the DLC go leaked a bit before.

While Inquisition has had some multiplayer DLCs, Jaws of Hakkon is the first story-based expansion for the installment.  The plot of the expansion focuses heavily on the Avvar, tribes that wander the Free Marches, & their old gods.  If you’ve played through the game already, you’ll likely remember that it was the Avvar who abducted Inquisition soldiers in the Fallow Mire to goad the Inquisitor into a duel to test them against their gods.  According to the trailer, the Inquisitor receives word that several of the tribes are plotting to resurrect one of their gods, Hakkon Wintersbreath, a high dragon who killed the last Inquisitor, & likely invade the rest of Orlais afterwards.

Not much else is revealed by the trailer, but we can make general assumptions about what’s included in the pack:

  • New area to explore in the Frostback Mountains – exact size is uncertain, but will likely match other areas in the game
  • New war table missions
  • High level enemies – given that it’s intended to be played over the course of your playthrough rather than after the end & likely ends in a high dragon fight (with high dragons in the game ranging from levels 12-20), it’s likely meant to be played by high level characters. One post I read recommended being level 20 or up.
  • Based on the price ($15) & the download size (1.5 GB), expect it to be of similar substance to previous expansions.  To put it in perspective, Lair of the Shadow Broker was roughly the same download size.

Due to the timed exclusivity deal BioWare has with Microsoft, the DLC is only available on PC & XBox One right now, with no date on when it’ll be released for Playstation 4 & last-gen consoles (it’s not even out for the 360, which is odd).  Given BioWare’s previous release patterns, I’d say it’ll probably be a month or so before it becomes available for the others.  So I’ll have to wait before I can do a review (I have the PS4 version).  Hopefully by the time it does come out, I’ll be at a high enough level.

On a related note, expect a review of Inquisition as well as a breakdown of the mechanics in the coming weeks.

– GamerDame


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