First Impressions: Murdered – Soul Suspect

What is it with game companies & putting multiple titles on their games?  I can sort of understand for games that are part of a series, although personally I still prefer the number system.  At least that way I can tell at a glance where in the sequence a particular game comes in.  But what do I make of a title like Murdered: Soul Suspect?  Wordplay aside, are there going to be more Murdered games?

I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.  At least it’s not a re-title, like Murdered: Revenge, Redemption, Remastered or whatever catchphrase is trending.

I got Soul Suspect for my birthday, but due to being on vacation at the time I just now got around the playing it.  I think it’s best described as a mystery-adventure game.  The protagonist of our game is Ronan O’Connor, a former criminal, cop &, as of the start of the game, living person.  Yes, videogames are fond of killing the main character’s loved ones in the beginning of the game for motivation, but in this case it’s the main character who’s dead.  In fact, Ronan dies in the opening cutscene.  A serial killer dubbed the  Bell Killer shoots Ronan with his own sidearm, & now you have to help Ronan track the killer down.  Or else Ronan will be stuck in limbo forever.

A lot of the game so far has involved looking for clues to help solve the next piece of the bigger mystery.  But being a ghost has its advantages.  Ronan can possess people, allowing him to see through their eyes, read their thoughts & even influence their memories to uncover clues.  So far the investigations follow the pattern of finding X number of clues in the environment, then using those clues to draw conclusions.  Some conclusions can’t be reached until you find the necessary evidence.  And not all evidence is relevant.  For example, in the second main investigation, the clues point to the Bell Killer having been in the apartment looking for a psychic girl who is now missing.

However, it can be difficult to tell the game what it wants to hear even if you know what conclusions to draw from a scene.  It seems that to Influence someone’s memory, you have to pick the right clue, but it’s hard to tell what the game wants.  For instance, in the first optional murder Ronan can solve, it was obvious that the murderers were the old couple, & that they’d taken the woman’s body to the quarry, but I got a lower score because I originally selected the wrong clues as being relevant.

There’s also a bit a stealth in the game.  The limbo world that Ronan wanders in is also inhabited by demons that want to devour his soul.  But as you can’t really kill a demon, Ronan has to hide from them in spiritual residue before sneaking up on them & exorcising them.  It hasn’t been that difficult so far, thanks to Ronan being able to “see” the demons, but I find myself struggling thanks to my continued unfamiliarity with the PS4 controller’s button scheme.  I keep screwing up the quick-time events & have to hide again until they forget I’m there.  But that’s not really the game’s fault.  I’m just so use to the XBox controls that I don’t instinctively know where Circle is.

So far I’ve enjoyed what little I’ve played of Soul Suspect.  I like adventure games, & this one seems to avoid a lot of the adventure game logic.  I also like Ronan’s character so far.  It’s still early in the game, but he seems likable enough.  One of those rough-around-the-edges but generally good guys.  Also, I know a lot of people fussed about Ronan’s design, talking smack about him wearing a fedora like a hipster.  But I like his design.  It’s nice to see a male protagonist that isn’t your clean-cut Nathan Drake lookalike or some grizzled bodybuilder.  He looks like a cop who used to be a gangster.

And what’s wrong with fedoras, anyway?  I myself have been known to rock a trilby (which is often mistaken for a fedora) on occasion.  In fact, I vow right now that every time I play Murdered: Soul Suspect, I’ll wear my favorite trilby just to spite all the hipsters & hipster-haters.  I may even break out my vest, skinny jeans & pocket watch & really get into character.


– GamerDame


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  1. thesweetmud

    This actually sounds incredibly interesting. I’ve been looking for a good puzzle/stealth game – too many hack and slash games for me lately. I might have to take a look at it.

    Is this a PS4 exclusive or can I get it on PS3?

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