Gamer Tips: Montague’s Mount

In my last post, I reviewed the Indie adventure game Montague’s Mount, & in said review I wrote about how difficult a few of the puzzles were.  So difficult, in fact, that at I actually had to stop playing the game because I was so frustrated.  Find decent help to the puzzle was a pain, so I thought I’d post a guide for anyone interested in checking the game out.  This isn’t intended to flat-out tell you the answers, but rather to give you a guide on how to find the solution.  I’m only going to be doing this for three of the puzzles that gave me some difficulty, because as I mentioned in the review, most of the “puzzles” are just locating items to put in a complicated contraption to open the next door.

So let’s begin!

Puzzle #1: Spinner Bridge Code

This is actually the first major puzzle of the game.  In the first section of the island, you’ll eventually reach a bridge that can only be lowered by putting in the right color sequence to four wooden spinners.  The only really difficult part is interpreting the Morris Code pattern from the buoy.  I suck at Morris Code, & it took me a couple of tries to figure out the sequence.  Of course, you can always just randomly guess the code, but that takes a while.

  1. When watching the buoy signal, wait until the light flashes red.  This indicates the start of the code, but isn’t part of the code itself.
  2. There are four sequences, & the lights pause for a longer time between them.
  3. The aim is translate each pattern of short & long flashes into a single letter from the alphabet.  This letter indicates the first letter of the color.  For example, if the letter is B, that means turn the spinner to blue.
  4. There are only three possible letters the codes could translate to: R(ed), B(lue) & G(reen).

Puzzle #2: Lighthouse Beacons

This was the hardest puzzle in the game for me because I completely misunderstood what I was supposed to be doing.  In this puzzle, you’re supposed to turn the compasses on three dials to match your position in relation to the lighthouse.  The image the game gives for how to solve it made me think I had to match the compasses up with the positions shown on the image, but in reality you’re supposed to line them up with your position in the game.  It’s pretty simple once you know what you’re doing, but the game’s explanation clearly confused a lot of people.

  1. Find the lever near the generator.
  2. Use the lever on the well to get the key.
  3. Use the key to unlock the gate & get the gas can.
  4. Use the gas can to power the generator.
  5. Go back to where you got the gas can & flip the power switch to power the beacons.  The game also tells you (poorly) how to solve the puzzle.
  6. There are three beacons around the lighthouse in a triangular pattern.  At each beacon, stand on the metal plate with the footprints.
  7. Face the lighthouse & bring up your compass (default is Q).  Read the direction it says you’re facing when looking at the lighthouse.  If you’re unsure on how to read a compass, the arrow points in your direction.
  8. Your exact direction is what you need to turn the compass on the stand to so that it’s under the metal bar close to you.  For example, if the compass says you’re facing N, then turn the podium’s compass so that N is under the metal bar.  Repeat this for all podiums.
  9. The puzzle requires you to be perfectly accurate.  To check if you have it in the right position, look towards where you got the gas can from.  There’s a tower there with three lights.  The lights turn red when you have the compasses in the right position.

Puzzle #3: Beach Code

I think it was just because this is the last puzzle in the game & I was so tired of wandering around looking for things that I overlooked the solution to this puzzle.  You’ll eventually come across a box with four dials that you have to move to the correct sequence.  Again, you can randomly guess, but I hate doing that.

  1. When you reach the overlook tower, go to the far end where the railing is bent & look down.  There’s a four-digit number spelled out in rocks.
  2. The plaque where you get the key to unlock the gate down to the beach shows different patterns for each number.  Translate the numbers you found.  For example, if the first number is 1 & the cipher shows that > means 1, then you’ll move the first dial to match that symbol.

I hope this helps if anyone gets stuck on the puzzles.

– GamerDame



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2 responses to “Gamer Tips: Montague’s Mount

  1. Jinxed

    Oh my god, you did an amazing job explaining the three compasses and how to correctly line them up. Many thanks.

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