Become the Monster in Pale Blue

Pale Blue is a Kickstarter campaign started a few months ago by Indonesian developer Tinker Games.  Inspired by various super hero shows, they began to ponder more on the villains.  We know why the heroes fight.  But why do the villains?  Why do they continue to fight no matter the risks?  Do they do it simply because they’re evil?  Maybe.  But even evil has a sense of self-preservation.  For these villains to continue to fight on, there must be a reason.  Some greater motivation.  After all, what do you do once you’ve destroyed the world?

Tinker Games is attempting to take on this question with their new project.  Pale Blue is set to be a 2D side-scrolling action game that places you in the role of Ellen & her “siblings.”  Ellen is a monster.  She’s a weapon.  She was created by an organization known as COCOON, who creates humanoid weapons to destroy the world.  But rather than just mindlessly seeking destruction, they want to rebuild it into something better.  The people in COCOON have become utterly disheartened with humanity.  Humanity has received too many chances & just thrown them away.  So taking a leaf out of the Bible, they decide to raze civilization & start anew.

Pale Blue draws inspiration from many classic 2D side-scrollers such as Megaman, but according the Tinker Games they plan to include a variety of stage types.  Their Kickstarter page lists linear dungeons, stealth stages, tower defense & some free-roaming as some of the stages you’ll be seeing.  Based on what I read, it sounds like the game will have a sort of hub world where you can explore, interact with various things & people, & unlock missions.

f94e8cf142db9dba1ac80cf15b298d25_largeDespite her harmless appearance, Ellen sounds to be quite a formidable foe.  Because she’s a weapon, she possesses a variety of skills that revolve around changing her form to suit the situation.  She can also devour humans to charge up her energy stores for full-body transformations.  They’ve shared three of them so far (it’s unclear if more are planned) but each is pretty cool looking.  It also sounds like you may either be able to team up with one of Ellen’s siblings or to choose from different characters based on the stage.  But Tinker Games emphasizes repeatedly that the story is the driving force.  Wanton destruction is all well & good, but it’s rarely satisfying.  Instead, they’re promising branching storylines and multiple endings.

There were no demos available, but based on the artwork, animations & mock ups, Pale Blue has a very solid art style.  It has heavy Anime influences, but the animations remind me of Skullgirls with a less cartoonish angle.

As of this post’s date, the game is 74% funded on Kickstarter, with thirteen more days left to donate (June 19).  You have your standard breakdown, ranging from $5 to $5000.  A donation of $10 will get you a copy of the game, & there are nicer perks the higher up you go.  Some of the more unique ones are extra abilities in your copy of the game, designing a character or even putting yourself in the game.  They aim to release the game in September 2015.

If you’re looking for a unique side-scroller that lets you play as a motivated killer, swing by their Kickstarter page & check it out.  Be sure to donate if this is something you’d like to support.

– GamerDame

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