Dragon Age Inquisition Brings the Swag

With an official release date set for the latest installment in the Dragon Age series (October 7 in the US & October 10 in Europe), BioWare has set about their standard formula of offering various pre-order bonuses.  But at least unlike some publishers, it doesn’t look like they’re dividing the specials up between different retailers.  For now, there are three editions available: regular, deluxe & collector.

The regular edition of the game is, naturally, just the standard game.

The Deluxe Edition includes a nice listing of special digital items to enhance your playing experience.  The items listed are:

  • Skyhold Throne: a special throne presumably in place in your stronghold
  • Two unique mounts: the Red Hart Halla & the Bog Unicorn, likely suitable for good & evil characters respectively
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Flames of the Inquisition Gear: this includes a variety of unique weapons, suitable for all classes, the Flames of the Inquisitor Armor & an armored steed

It also states that there’s “bonus digital content — to be announced.”  It’s unclear exactly what that means.

Then there’s the grand-daddy of all special offers: the Collector’s Edition.  In addition to coming with a copy of the Deluxe Edition of the game, the Collector’s Edition includes a plethora of real-world goodies.  This includes:

  • Cloth map of Thedas
  • Deck of Tarot cards (includes 72 cards with custom Dragon Age artwork)
  • Ink & quill set
  • Orlesian coins
  • Inquisitor’s badges
  • 6 piece lockpick set
  • 4 map markers
  • Inquisitor’s Journal
  • Steel book to store your copy of the game
  • All items stored in the Collector’s Edition case


The standard version of the game will be the standard price ($60), the Deluxe Edition is set at $70, but the Collector’s Edition is at a whopping $170.  It’s also only available if you pre-order from GameStop.  But if you’ve got the money, you’d better hurry & order.  Although BioWare hasn’t announced when the promotion will end, they have stated that it’s for “a small run.”

As cool as the swag is, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the Collector’s Edition.  That’s just too much money, even with the in-game bonuses.  I’m not even sure I’ll get the Deluxe Edition (which doesn’t seem to be a limited time offer kind of thing) unless the “additional content” is free access to future DLCs.

– GamerDame


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