Zone of the Enders HD Collection Overview

What is it about Japan & giant monsters?  I guess when you live in a country with not a lot of space, resulting in everything having to be built straight up, it tends to make you thing in “tall” terms.  Japan loves their giant monsters, be it radiated lizards or killer robots.  I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject, being that I’m not really a tech-y kind of person, but I have enjoyed various giant robot series, the latest being the Zone of the Enders HD Collection.

I’ve already reviewed both games included in this collection individually, so now it’s time to talk about whether the collection as a whole is worth checking out.

Although I gave both games an average score of 3, 2nd Runner is definitely the superior of the two.  The story & characters are better.  The game is slightly longer than the first.  The in-game graphics are more or less the same, but the addition of anime cutscenes are nice & you do get more environments to fight in.  And while the combat was easily the best part of ZoE 1, 2nd Runner further improved on it with the addition of new moves & sub-weapons.

When I compared the original versions of the game to the HD re-release, the only changes I noticed were an upgrade to the graphics.  The graphics are much cleared for both the in-game & cutscenes.  Colors are more vibrant.  I also noticed that in the first game everything seems to be brighter in general.  In the second game, I noticed some of the visual effects (such as the clouds of snow on Callisto) are not only larger but more persistent.  As far as I can tell, nothing else has been altered or added.

Because of this, I feel the need to give three different recommendations depending on what category you fall into:

  • If you already owned the original versions of these games, I can’t recommend buying the HD collection unless you’re big on better graphics or don’t own the system necessary to play them anymore.  Nothing has been added other than a better coat of paint to justify buying it if you still own the original.
  • If you’re a mecha connoisseur, I can recommend getting it.  The second game alone is worth the price of admission.  While probably not the most robust mecha game out there, the combat is very visceral, & the boss fights & set pieces are a lot of fun.  The first game doesn’t hold up quite so well, but as I said I think 2nd Runner pulls its weight.
  • If you’re not a mecha fan but you like action games, I can recommend renting it before you buy.  It’s a fun action game, but I don’t think it’ll hold up well to own permanently.


– GamerDame


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