The PS4 is Here!

Yesterday was an exciting day because I was eagerly awaiting the delivery of my Playstation 4.  Unlike the crazy people who waiting outside for Gamestop to open (which would’ve been terrible considering where I live it’s been in the 20s & 30s the past few days), I pre-ordered mine months ago.  Normally I wouldn’t pre-order a console.  I like to wait for some must-have games I want to come out.  But the reason I chose to pre-order was because I wanted to show my approval for the way Sony v. Microsoft handled their new consoles.  I personally don’t plan on getting the XBox One.  I don’t like the direction Microsoft is taking the XBox franchise.  I pains me to have to say that.  I loved my Xbox & 360, & I intend to keep my 360 even after games are no longer being released for it & XBox Live is no longer supported.  But with the growing trend of cross-platform releases, I don’t see much need in buying all the consoles anymore.  I think between the 360, PS4 & PC I should have most of my bases covered.  And thanks to the wonder of Youtube, I can always watch the games that look interested that are XB1 exclusive.

Anyway, I wanted to write about my general impressions of the PS4 for those who are adopting a wait-&-see attitude.  Firstly, the console is slightly bigger, surface-wise, than the 360, but it’s also skinnier.  The box is actually really light.  It has a weird parallelogram shape, & is flat.  I think it works well to be stored just about anywhere you want to put it.  Mine is currently sitting on top of my 360 because I don’t really have anywhere else to put it except in the middle of the floor.  I’d originally thought to place the 360 on top of it because the PS4’s air vents are on the back whereas the 360’s air vent is on top.  But with the difference in weight between the two, I was afraid putting the 360 on top would damage it.  Aside from that, there’s no tray for the disks.  You just slide them into the slot next to the power button, & press the button at the bottom to eject it.

Setting it up did take a bit of time for me.  Not because installation is complicated (there’s only three things to plug in) but because I had to create a PSN account, & to do that I had to download an update.  I hate first day updates.  So after waiting fifteen minutes, I was finally able to create my account.  unfortunately, I couldn’t use the same handle as I do on the XBox (I refuse to put a bunch of random numbers at the end) nor could I use my name here.  I don’t know if it was because Sony’s flagged “dame” as a bad word (Which for the record it isn’t.  Current slang usage aside — which isn’t even really a bad thing to call a women in comparison to other words — its original usage was as the female equivalent of a knight.) or if it just won’t let me openly identify myself as female.  Either way, I split the difference between the two & settled for GamerMaidenLeigh.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any games with the system.  Originally I’d pre-ordered the Watch Dogs bundle, but we all know that Ubisoft pushed Watch Dog’s release date back to next year.  So Amazon downgraded me to the standard launch bundle & gave me a $10 voucher towards my next game purchase.  But the PS4 comes with a code for $10 on the Playstation Network.  Not a lot of digital games are available just yet, aside from the launch titles, but the one I picked to test out the system was Flower.  If you saw my glowing post about Journey, it should come as no surprise that I’ve been dying to try thatgamecompany’s games.  And seriously Sony, port Journey over.  Anyway, I played through a level to test it out.  I enjoyed it so far, but it’ll take some time to get used to the PS4’s controller, especially the 6-axis function.  The controller’s pretty small, which is nice, but I suspect it’ll take a while for me to get used to the position of the buttons.  I know X is A & O is B, but I suspect in a more strenuous game I’ll be pushing the wrong buttons for a while.

That’s all I can really report right now.  I’m still trying to work out the best resolution for my TV.  I have a HDTV, but it’s not the must expensive model available.  I use 720p on the 360, but I think 1080i works best for me.  It’s hard to tell without a real game to compare it to, but I think that makes for the smoothest graphics.

Hopefully as more games get released on the PSN I’ll have more stuff to talk about, because most of the launch titles aren’t anything I’m interested in.  It probably won’t be until next year that I really start giving the PS4 some heavy use.

– GamerDame


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