Hands-on with Saints Row 4 Inauguration Station

I know the character creation demo for Saints Row 4 (called Inauguration Station) has been out for XBL Gold members since last week, but seeing as how I doubt I’ll be getting the new XBox & therefore I see no reason to continue paying for Gold status, us puny Silver peons only just got hold of it.  So I checked it out this afternoon.

The first thing I noticed was that it looks a lot like SR3.  This isn’t surprising, as the game itself seems to be on the same engine as the previous game.  SR4 is supposed to have content that rolled over from DLC originally planned for SR3.  So there aren’t as many differences as far as graphics & models as there were between SR2 & 3.  The same is true for the customization options.  A lot of the content is the same as the previous game, but with some more options added.  There are new hairstyles, clothes, taunts & compliments.  I did like a lot of the new clothing & outfit options, though.  The biggest addition I noticed was some new voices as well as the ability to change the pitch of your chosen voice.  It’s a cool feature, but I have to admit, the farther you get from the original pitch the worse the voices sound — quality-wise.  It almost sounds like static in the voice.  All of the male voices are the same.  You  have the White, Hispanic & Aussie(?) actors back.  The White female voice is back, & while there’s a Russian voice again the actress is the same.  But the third voice is… I’m not sure what ethnicity it’s supposed to represent.  It didn’t really strike me as sounding Black, Hispanic or even Asian.  To me it has sort of a southern tint to it.  It’s not a bad voice by any means.  In fact I picked it for my character.  I just can’t place it.  And gone is the zombie voice.  Instead your special option is Nolan North’s voice as played by Nolan North himself.

Unfortunately, because I don’t have Gold, I couldn’t upload my character to the boards.  I also couldn’t take a picture of it because the in-game camera created this obnoxious glare on my character’s face.  But I really liked the character I created.

I’m looking forward to when the game comes out next week.  I’m off the day it comes out so I might run by the local Gamestops & pick up a copy.


– GamerDame


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