DLC Review: Nirvana Episode Pack

If you’ve played a lot of Capcom’s games recently, you’re probably familiar with their approach to DLC & the hatred it’s caused.  Whereas most companies offer optional weapon or costume packs, or extra content that enhances your experience without taking anything away, Capcom seems to be missing the point.  It often seems like they go out of their way to withhold content that should already be in the game just to nickle-&-dime their customers to death.  Is this the case with the Episode Pack: Nirvana for Asura’s Wrath?

Talk about the face of god

Talk about the face of god

Plot: Following after the “true” ending for Asura’s Wrath, Asura must once again embrace his rage to rescue his daughter.  But this time it’s from Chakravartin, the creator god, who disguised himself as the Golden Spider who urged Asura on in Naraka.  Chakravartin reveals that he has been testing the world to find an heir to take over guiding it, & wants Asura to be that heir.  Of course he refuses, wanting only to save Mithra, resulting in him & Yasha having to overcome Chakravartin before he can destroy their world to start anew.


  • 4 new Episodes
  • 6 new Achievements; Daddy’s Angry, A Friend in Need, How Do Ya Like Me Now? & Blaze of Glory (complete each Episode), Nirvana (complete story) & Gaea’s Champion (S Rank on Hard)
  • Total gameplay time added: 2 hrs

Cost: 560 MP or $7

The most tedious section in the game

The most tedious section in the game

Opinion: I find it hard to give an opinion one way or another for this DLC pack.  On the one hand, it has fairly decent content.  There are four episodes, each of which lasts about half an hour.  The pack adds on to the true ending which, as I stated in my review, leaves on a major cliffhanger.  This time the game ends properly, wrapping everything up & giving closure to all of the characters.  It even adds a bit more backstory on Asura & Yasha’s history together.

As for content, it’s the same as the rest of the game, but I did notice a few minor differences.  For one, the quick-time events seem to be much more frequent & require quicker reaction times.  In the previous episodes I usually didn’t have trouble getting an Excellent or Great rating on the QTE’s, but in Part IV I actually missed a few completely.  The way in which some of the prompts were displayed also changed, such as having a screen full of B’s or even making me move the left analogue stick several times in a row.  Overall, I felt that all aspects of the gameplay were more difficult, which should be expected in a final part.

I do like the final boss' design

I do like the final boss’ design

And while there were no new elements introduced, the sequences were, for the most part, very fitting & enjoyable to play through.  They were as over the top as the rest of the game.  In one section Asura becomes like a living spaceship & blows up planets.  I also enjoyed the final boss fight with Chakravartin, which including some extensive QTE’s & even showed the god using his own QTE’s (which I found weird yet strangely interesting).  But I have to say that a few of the sections were very frustrating.  In particular were the fights with Chakravartin when he kept pushing you back & during a flashback where Asura fights Yasha while falling through the sky.  These sections make movement difficulty, dragging the fights out.

But while I enjoyed the story & getting a proper conclusion, I can’t get rid of the nagging feeling that I’ve been jipped.  There’s no reason why Capcom should’ve done this.  It’s like they cut off the last part of the game & sold it for extra.  Like they were selling an incomplete product.  This is, unfortunately, becoming a trend for publishers.  And given how what was being called the true ending clearly shows there’s more to the game, it’s hard to justify this practice.  Granted, I was renting the game, so I wasn’t actually out any money other than for the price of the DLC, but I can certainly understand that people who paid full price are ticked off.

So in the end, I have to say I recommend with reservations.  As a DLC, the price is worth the content, I think.  If you’re like me & didn’t pay full price for the game, it’s not a bad purchase.  But I can completely understand not buying it on the principle of not supporting these kinds of practices.  As consumers, we vote with our wallets, & not buying is how we show we’re not happy with a company.  So if you want to take that route, just look for the episodes on Youtube.  I’m sure someone’s posted them.

– GamerDame


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