First Impressions: Asura’s Wrath

I played the demo for Asura’s Wrath a long time ago, & surprisingly it actually made me interested in playing the game.  I remember when I first saw the trailer at E3 that I wasn’t too interested in it.  I have to admit, even after playing it for a while, I’m still not crazy about the art style.  It’s not so much the style itself, because I think it’s very distinctive, but rather some of the character designs.  I just don’t care for the overly muscular design of the male characters.  They’re the sort of people if I meet in real life I’d be like, “Could you please go away?  You scare me.”  But I can’t really fault the game for being imaginative with the design.  And I do like the overall appearance of the game.  It’s hard to describe, but the art style for the demigods reminds me of carved statues, making them look very different from the regular people.

At the time of writing this I’ve made it to the sixth episode & it’s been an interesting experience.  I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever played a game quite like Asura’s Wrath.  There are times when it feels like I’m playing Quick-time Events: The Videogame.  Gameplay is best described as short beat em’ up sessions with the occasional rail-shooter section dotted with interactive anime scenes.  You can never really let your guard down during cutscenes because you never know when a QTE is going to pop up.  And while sometimes this is annoying (because I can’t really enjoy the scene when I’m staring at the center of the screen to see if anything’s going to pop up) I do think this feature is a good way to make the player feel more involved in the story.  Rather than just sitting back & chillin’ during the scene, you have to stay on your toes.  It feels like you’re involved with some of the over-the-top sequences going on.  I just wish there were more actual gameplay sections.  Aside from a few fights & one part where I got to move Asura forward a few feet (really slowly), it’s been mostly cutscenes.  I hope the game reaches a better balance as it progresses.

I find myself enjoying what little bit of the story I’ve seen so far.  I love the mix of Asian mythology & sci-fi.  Rather than just taking everything from a well-known story, the game blends the Asian themes with its own crazy universe.  The story itself is crazy… in a good way.  You play as the demigod Asura who was betrayed by his fellow demigods so they could create their own world.  The first episode sets you up for the insanity you’re about to see.  I started fighting these giant monsters while flying around in space before a giant venus flytrap-looking thing exploded from the center of the Earth… or Gaea, I guess… but not destroying it.  It’s crazy, & I want to play more to see what happens.

Despite the unorthodox play style, I’m enjoying Asura’s Wrath so far & look forward to more craziness.


– GamerDame


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