Devil May Cry HD Collection Overview

As with when I played the Silent Hill HD Collection, I want to take a few minutes to write about my overall opinion of the three games in the Devil May Cry HD Collection.  Firstly, I want to compare the three games against each other.

  • In terms of story, DMC3 has the best one, followed by DMC1 then DMC2.  Both the characters & the plot for the third game were fleshed out really well & interesting.  DMC1’s story was pretty threadbare, but I really liked Dante & Trish’s personalities.  I just wish the story didn’t feel like a series of bullet points.  DMC2 was a bit meh.  Not only is Dante’s cocky personality suppressed, but Lucia is a throw-away addition & the plot is just about a greedy rich guy who does bad things because he’s greedy.  That, & they expect me to care about twists that had no build-up.
  • Obviously DMC3 has better graphics, but all of the games have some cool architecture.  But DMC2 is more has more linear levels.
  • All three games have a pretty good soundtrack.  Most people look surprised when I tell them I enjoy rock & heavy metal, but the music that kicks up during combat really fits the mood & gets your blood pumping even if you’re not a fan.
  • DMC3 has, hands-down, the best combat system, followed by DMC2 & them DMC1.  Being the first in the series, DMC1’s controls feel stiff at times.
  • DMC3 is definitely the hardest while DMC2 is the easiest.

Overall, I enjoyed DMC3 far more than any of the other two & would love to play it again.  DMC1 is the second best, in my opinion, with DMC2 being my least favorite.  Someone asked me this on my DMC3 review, but if you’ve never played the series before & can only play one to see if you’ll like it, I’d go with the third.  It’s the strongest.

Now then, onto the question of whether or not it’s worth getting the HD Collection as a whole.  Because I’d never played the original games, I had to do some research to see what changes were made.  Near as I can tell, the only changes made were graphical.  Although the graphic engines themselves haven’t been changed, with HD everything looks much clearer & the colors are more vibrant.  No changes have been made to the controls or other systems.  This is a little disappointing because it means the controls can feel a bit dated.  Particularly the whole static camera angle thing.  I blame this not only on technical limitations when the original game was being made but because it was initially going to be part of the Resident Evil franchise.  And while static cameras may help build tension for survival horror games, they’re not so good for fast action & platforming.


Also, the version of DMC3 included is the Special Edition version.  This edition adds Vergil as a playable character (runs through Dante’s story still), the Bloody Palace mode, three boss fights against the Jester & (most importantly) shifts the difficulty from the original game down.  The original version’s Normal is the Special Edition’s Hard, & so on.

So basically, while it’s probably not accurate to say the games have a new coat of paint, it’s certainly a clearer coat of paint.

Overall, given that you’re getting three games in one, I think the HD Collection is worth picking up.  Especially if you missed the games the first time around & want to check it out.  Even if you’ve played the originals & still own them, it might be worth getting the collection.  If you have an HD-TV, the upgrade to the graphics are very noticeable.  While nothing new has been added, it’s a solid, consolidated package.

– GamerDame


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