DLC Review: Citadel

Probably the only good thing to come out of the weather being so bad I couldn’t go to class today was that it gave me time to play the final DLC for Mass Effect 3: Citadel.  When BioWare announced this DLC, they made it very clear that this was intended to be the last hoorah for the series… at least in this storyline.  BioWare seems to still be toying with the idea of making a Mass Effect 4, but that’s in the far future.  So what’s my verdict on the final-final installment of my favorite video game trilogy?

Does camo work on a space station?

Does camo work on a space station?

Plot: I can’t say everything without giving the surprise away, but the plot of Citadel is that Shepard discovers a conspiracy to assassinate them that doesn’t have anything to do with Cerberus or the Reapers.  It turns this person isn’t just trying to take Shepard’s life, but take everything from them.  This leads to a secret mission inside a casino, a chase through the ultra secure Council Archives involving Shepard’s entire squad & finally a shoot-out on the Normandy.


  • 9 new missions
  • 2 temporary squadmates; Wrex returns for the duration of the story plus a unselectable squadmate Maya Brooks for 1 mission
  • 6 new enemy types, including a boss
  • 6 new locations; Silversun Strip, Armax Combat Arena, Castle Arcade, Silver Coast Casino, Council Archives, & an apartment for Shepard
  • 2 new weapons; the M-7 Launcher assault rifle & the M-11 Suppressor pistol
  • 6 weapon mods
  • 2 War Assets
  • 9 new Achievements; Priority Target (initiate storyline), High Society (infiltrate casino), Team Player (infiltrate Archives), Last Resort (finish story), Perfect Host (Party time!), King of the Castle (beat an arcade game), Technical Issues, Simulated Hero & The One & Only (arena)
  • Total gameplay time added: 3 hrs for story, more with the arena

Cost: 1200 MP/BP or $14.99

Why does Wrex remind me of John Wayne?

Why does Wrex remind me of John Wayne?

Opinion: I had a lot of fun with this DLC.  First of all, I thought the story was really good.  I wish I could talk more about it, but I don’t want to give the twist away.  But I loved the idea behind who the villain is.  I’ll give you one little hint though.  Ponder this: What might Cerberus have done if they couldn’t control Shepard?  That’s all I’ll say.  But I did guess their identity correctly the first time they appeared in a blurry image.  Other than that, the story seemed to have a lot of humor in it.  The personality of the characters really shine through in this DLC.

I think that’s the biggest draw for Citadel.  It focuses very heavily on Shepard’s squadmates.  Wrex rejoins the team & all of the other previous squadmates make appearances after you finish the story.  There are new scenes for every character, even the ones who are dead.  I was a little bummed when I read you can’t play the story before the attack on the Citadel, so there’s no chance of an extra scene with Thane, but there is a memorial scene.  I do, however, wish all of the previous squadmates would’ve been involved in the actual story.  Only Wrex is available for your team, the rest don’t show up until after it’s over.  I think it would’ve been better if each had showed up to join Shepard in a small section.  But on the upside, you may be happy to know that there are new romance scenes.  I know some people felt jipped because they romanced a character from ME2 who wasn’t part of the squad in ME3 & only got a very small romance scene.

Welcome to Vegas Citadel style

Welcome to Vegas Citadel style

I also liked the new pistol you get.  The M-11 Suppressor is my new favorite.  It’s probably one of the most powerful in the game.  I also have to give the game credit for the boss fight at the end.  Still trying to avoid spoilers, the boss’ skills match your Shepard’s.  It was very interesting since I played as an Infiltrator, so they caught me a few times while they were cloaked.  This adds variety to it if you played through with different classes.

I haven’t done much with the casino, arcade or arena yet.  The casino has a variety of games, such as varren racing.  The arena seems similar to the Pinnacle Station DLC for the first ME.  You get a variety of maps & enemy types to fight against.  And you can choose from all of your squadmates to join you, including those from ME2.

Overall, I recommend Citadel.  Of the three DLC’s for ME3, I think it’s the best.  It has the best plot & adds the most new content for your money.  You won’t be missing anything from the main story if you don’t get it, but if you’re like me & have become attached to all of these characters over the course of three games it’s a fantastic addition, giving you more of that quirky camaraderie you’ve come to love.

– GamerDame


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