First Impressions: Devil May Cry 2 HD

Alright Capcom, why won’t you let me save whenever I want?  I didn’t mention this in my Devil May Cry review, but it annoyed me then & it annoys me now.  Why is it I can only save between missions & not during them?  It’s really annoying because I have to keep asking myself if I have time to finish another level before I have to quit.  Or at least autosave.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I can talk a bit about the game proper so far.  First off, I have to say I’ve been enjoying Devil May Cry 2 HD a bit more than the first one.  I think it’s because the combat feels a bit more fluid & robust.  Of course, I may just have really sucked at the fighting in the first game, but this is about my “impression” of the game so far.  Dante seems more agile this time around with the whole double jump & wall running abilities.   But why does it take so long for Dante to get up after he’s been knocked down?  Am I doing something wrong? Unfortunately, the series continues to be hampered by the fact that I have no camera control.  I feel a bit silly jumping everywhere to see if there are any orbs hiding on a ledge above me that I can’t pan around to see.  Another thing I like is that you can upgrade weapons.  I haven’t seen that big a difference as far as damage count goes, but it’s nice that old weapons won’t just become obsolete.

I also have to say that I’ve enjoyed the boss fights.  There’s more of them this time around & they’ve been fun so far.  Before writing this I just finished the fight with Nefasturris, a skeleton-like boss who had a pretty cool entrance as he melts out of a building.  There’s also been a decent variety of enemies so far & I’m glad they haven’t all been the standard monster types you usually see in games like this.

As far as everything else goes, is seems in the same pattern as the first game, except you’re in a city rather than a mansion, which I think is an improvement because there’s less chance of me getting lost or having to backtrack.  The layout’s much more linear, but there are hidden places to find (by jumping around like an idiot).  The story… well, it’s a bit “meh” right now.  I know what’s going on, but the plot’s rather bare.  But it’s still pretty early in the game, plus I have to finish Lucia’s missions after finishing with Dante.

On a final note, I have to mention that I really like the music.  The alternate moody classical-chorus & rock-heavy metal soundtrack hits the right notes with me & I feel it really suits the setting well.

It’ll probably take me a bit to finish this one since I essentially have to play it twice to get a full understanding of the game.

– GamerDame



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