Final Mass Effect 3 DLC Announced

Today BioWare announced the very last DLC for Mass Effect 3 — & supposedly it’s the biggest one to date.  Citadel will add one final chapter to the tale before BioWare closes the book completely.  In the final journey, Shepard is the target of a major conspiracy & the path to uncovering the truth will lead them through several new areas, including new Wards & the Council Archives.  The DLC will also allow Shepard to team up with old squadmates from the previous games that weren’t available in 3.  The full line-up hasn’t been revealed yet, but Wrex has been confirmed.  I’m personally glad to hear that because I did miss getting to fight with Wrex in the previous two games.  BioWare also reports that the DLC will allow you to “rekindle romances.”  From my guess, I’d say this means new romance scenes with your chosen paramour, something fans should appreciate since I know some people were upset ME2 romances didn’t get a lot of screen time.

The DLC will also include three new areas: the Silver Coast Casino, the Armax Combat Arena & a private apartment on the Citadel for Shepard.

While the DLC will cost the same as the last pack, Omega, it seems to be a larger package.  At least for XBox users, it will require two separate downloadable packs due to the size.  The price is set for 1200 MP/BP or $14.99 & will be released on all systems on March 5 (unless you live in Europe, where it’ll be released on March 6).

On a side note, a final multiplayer DLC is coming up on the 26th which will include five new characters, seven weapons & two new equipment.

– GamerDame


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