Commerical Release of Slender Imminent

Given that my Slender post continues to be my most viewed & commented on post, I thought this piece of news would make a lot of people happy.  The popular Indie game has received a re-imagining of sorts as well as a proper commercial release.  The game, titled Slender: The Arrival, is a collaboration between the original Slender’s creator Mark Hadley (aka AgentParsec), Blue Isle Studios & the writers behind the popular Youtube series “Marble Hornets” (Joseph DeLage, Troy Wagner and Tim Sutton).

According to the official site:

Slender is a short, experimental game created and released for free by Mark Hadley.  Consider it an early prototype, demo, or test.  Fortunately, that experiment worked better than expected and his game became a worldwide phenomenon.  Slender: The Arrival takes the best elements from the original game while expanding and improving every single aspect.  We are turning Slender into a proper single player experience.  The game will have vastly improved visuals, sound, more levels, and a story to tell.  There is a lot more to the game this time around and we think it will be well worth it.

Based on the footage I’ve seen, The Arrival appears to be the same as the original game (now called Slender: The Eight Pages) at its core but with improved graphics, mechanics &, according to the developers, story.  The beta footage puts you back in the same dark forest as the first game collecting pages, but highlighting some of the improvements.  Graphically the game looks much better, even though it’s still using the Unity engine.  There’s more variation to the terrain & changes to the landmarks — although the developers were kind enough to still include the “rape house” as I like to call it.  The second thing you may notice is that the POV is a camcorder.  Presumably this is so Slenderman can scare the crap out of you by messing with your view.  There also appears to be significant improvements to your ability to get away from Slenderman.

According to Mr. Hadley, The Arrival will include new levels, so it’s unclear if the beta footage will even be included in the game proper.  It may simply be to test the system, or perhaps the game will include a Classic Mode of sorts.  The teaser footage on the official sites show many new locations & enemies, possibly proxies, if you’re familiar with Slenderman lore.  Nothing concrete has been stated about the story, but from what I’ve read it’ll be a continuation of the original game.  I believe you play as a female again, & I’m curious if it will include influences from Marble Hornets.

Personally I lost interest in Slender & the other variants after I beat the game once.  But if The Arrival delivers on its promises, I think this could be a fun & engaging experience for both fans of horror & Slenderman.  I hope it can breathe new life into the genre.

Slender: The Arrival is set for release on PC’s for March 26, followed by a Mac release.  It will be available to download online as well as the developers seeking to get in on Steam Greenlight.  It will cost $10 at release, but if  you pre-order it’ll only cost you $5 as well as give you access to the beta.  If you’re interested, you can purchase the game from the official site at

– GamerDame


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