DLC Review: Omega

If comments on the launch trailer are anything to go by, Mass Effect’s fan base is divided on whether to bother with the new Omega DLC.  On the one hand, what’s the point when you already know it’s not going to change the ending?  But on the other hand, it may add to a more complete experience of the full storyline.  So after playing it, which do I think?

I’m not sure if it’s possible to romance Aria or not

Plot: Shepard receives a message from Aria T’Loak to help her take back Omega from Cerberus.  The plan starts rocky after a failed infiltration attempt, resulting in Aria & Shepard fighting their way through the various defenses set up by General Oleg Petrovsky.  To stand a chance, they must unit the gangs & citizens to fight against Cerberus.  Along the way, Shepard meets up with an old friend of Aria’s who seems reluctant to help.


  • 5 mission (2 main & 3 side)
  • 2 new temporary squadmates, Aria T’Loak & Nyreen Kandros
  • 3 achievements; Savior (complete the DLC), Talon (find the Talon leader) & Meticulous (complete all sidequests)
  • 2 new enemy types, Rampart Mechs & Reaper-based Adjutants
  • 2 locations
  • possibly 2 new weapons, the N7 Valkyrie & Chakram Launcher (both weapons were previously only available if you had the N7 Warefare Gear pack for pre-ordering or played the Kingdoms of Amalur demo)
  • 7 weapon mods
  • 3 War Assets
  • 2 bonus powers, Flare & Lash
  • 1 cabin item
  • Total gameplay time added: 3 hours

Cost: 1200 MP/BP or $14.99

Nyreen is the first female Turian we’ve seen

Opinion: Personally, I liked this DLC better than Leviathan.  It’s nice to have Aria & Omega’s storyline wrapped up, as this was the only character-related thread left from the game.  I really like Aria, so it was nice to have her as a squadmate for a bit.  It’s also nice to finally get to see a female Turian.  In relation to the other main races, I liked the female Turian design; feminine but distinctly Turian.  It’s also interesting to see the relationship between Nyreen & Aria.  Although neither comes outright to say it, I suspect they may have been intimate, but the two were clearly too different to stay together.

On the subject of teammates, both Aria & Nyreen are useful & unique in their style.  Aria has two unique biotic abilities, Flare & Lash, which are extremely useful, especially against Guardians.  Better still, you unlock these abilities for yourself once you complete the DLC.  Although Nyreen’s unique ability (Biotic Protector) isn’t as useful or unlockable, she’s still useful in combat & it’s interesting to see a Turian biotic.  My only complaint in this matter is that you can’t take any of your regular squadmates with you.  While understandable, I still would’ve liked to see some of their reactions (like Garrus or Liara) to your new companions.

Oh Cerberus, when will you learn you don’t mess with Reaper tech?

The plot is okay.  Nothing groundbreaking, but it did have a few unique moments, like having to free Aria from a containment field before she dies.  I also liked the tense moments in the mine before you first meet the Adjutant.  Very zombie movie-esque.  But for me, the biggest draw was completing the Omega story thread & getting some closure on a character I liked from ME2.

Overall, I recommend Omega more highly than Leviathan.  While perhaps not on par with Shadow Broker, it gives the storyline a bit more closure, adds some fun characters & unlocks great abilities.  If you want to add more content to your game, definitely check it out.  If you’re still holding a grudge against the endings, you’ve probably already made up your mind so what does it matter what I say?

– GamerDame


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