Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Announced

I just finished watching the brand-spanking new debut trailer for Skyrim‘s upcoming DLC, Dragonborn.  Brand new as is just released earlier today.  There have been rumors floating around the net about what Bethesda’s next DLC would include since some intrepid files explorers picked apart the folders in the 1.8 update, but I didn’t say anything because I prefer to report on more solid information.  But the trailer is out & it looks like some of the rumors are coming true!

Based on the trailer, the plot of the add-on seems to be the Dragonborn facing off against the very first Dragonborn.  He was once one of the Dragon Priests that make our lives in Skyrim so miserable, but for some reason turned on the dragons & began feeding on their souls.  It’s unclear what his purpose is, but I’m going to guess it’s not good.  Maybe he’ll be trying to devour our soul?

I am very excited about some of the hints this new trailer gives us.  The two major prospects that have me most excited are:

  1. Dragon mounts!  Part of the rumored content, the trailer shows the Dragonborn flying on not one, but two different dragons.  I really, really hope this is a mount & not another cutscene.  As much as I love Shadowmere, nothing’s cooler than riding a dragon.
  2. Leaving Skyrim.  So far only traveling to Solstheim has been confirmed, but based on the images I saw from the trailer we may also be going to Morrowind.  Several of the scenes show buildings whose architecture reminds me of Morrowind, including a Telvanni Tower, & parts of the landscape don’t match the snowing isle of Solstheim.  The trailer also shows both Rieklings (snow goblins) and what appears to be corpus creatures.

I’m sure there will be lots of other new content, as well.  Supposedly some old armors will be returning (like Chitin, Bonemold & Stalhrim) & there will probably be new Shouts & weapons as well.

Dragonborn will become available on the 360 December 4 for 1600 MP.  No date has been set for the PC or PS3 yet.

– GamerDame


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  1. I hope Dragonborn will be available to the PC just in time for Christmas. That would be great.

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