Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Announced

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but my internet’s been ballsed up.  Hopefully it’s fixed now, so I can get back to writing about things I like.  I have a few posts planned, but I wanted to take a moment for more Mass Effect 3 news.  For a while now everyone’s been speculating that the next single-player DLC content will involve helping Aria T’Loak take back Omega from Cerberus.  Last week, at Comic Con, BioWare not only confirmed these speculations, but also gave a release date for all the consoles.

Not a lot of plot information has been revealed yet other than it will focus on Shepard helping Aria retake Omega from Cerberus.  According to one of the developers, the DLC will be double the size of the previous single-player DLC’s.  It’s supposed to include new enemies.  At this time only the Cerberus Dragoon units have been confirmed from what I’ve read, but it’s likely the other new enemy types included in the latest multiplayer DLC (Retaliation) could appear.  Omega is also said to include the first appearance of a female Turian, which will be interesting as female Turians are only mentioned twice the all three games (a female scout in Garrus’ unit & his sister).

Mass Effect 3: Omega will launch on all three consoles on November 27.

– GamerDame


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