First Impressions: NeverDead

I was more than disappointed when I saw a game that seemed to have an original concept consistently getting poor scores.  When it comes to renting games, I tend not to let low scores bother me because I can always send it back.  But if you saw the trailers for NeverDead when it first came out, I’m sure you were as intrigued as I was at the idea of playing as a man who can never be killed.

The main idea behind NeverDead is that you play as an immortal demon hunter named Bryce Boltzmann who works for some sort of demon investigation firm.  “Cursed” with immortality some five hundred years earlier by the Demon King, Bryce can’t be killed by normal means.  Rip his leg off & he’ll hop around on the other.  Running into electricity can damage enemies.  Even if Bryce’s entire body is blown apart, he can still roll around as just a head.  Regardless of the damage done, he can reattach his limbs every time or eventually regenerate his body all at once.

I’ve only played through the prologue & first mission so far, but I’ve had mixed reactions to the game.

The whole undying concept is pretty interesting & leads to some interesting gameplay mechanics.  As I mentioned before, most things can’t kill Bryce.  Sometimes he even has to dismember himself to solve a sort-of-puzzle, usually by using electricity to blow himself apart & then rolling his head through ducts & up ramps.

Bryce & his female companion, Arcadia, have your standard “wacky” relationship.  Rude-slacker male & his sassy-meticulous female sidekick.  So far neither character has come across as very interesting or unique, & frankly I find their banter annoying.  But, on the positive, it seems that my fear of the game becoming a glorified escort mission doesn’t seem to be coming true.  Because while Bryce can’t die, Arcadia can.  But so far she seems capable of taking care of herself.  I’ve only had to revive her once & that was part of the tutorial.

The upgrade system is pretty nice, but I suspect some skills are useless.  Like being able to jump higher.

My main problems with the game so far are the controls.  Bryce can dual-wield any two guns, but they have split reticules, so it’s hard to tell if you’re actually on target.  The sword controls are even worse.  Why do I swing the sword by moving the right analogue stick?  Why not the right trigger, since the left is for targeting?  I end up just rubbing my palm back & forth over the stick, hacking mindlessly at enemies.  I also have to complain that Bryce seems to be attached to his limbs via Silly Putty.  He comes apart way too easily.  Shouldn’t tearing off someone’s arm be a little difficult?  I’ve also been having some difficulty moving Bryce’s head around.  It seems like he’ll reattach a random limb when I don’t want him.  You can’t roll around a vent as a head with an arm attached.

And damn those things that suck your head up into their stomachs to the pits of Hell.  You can’t get away from them & you’ve only got one chance to escape.  Otherwise you have to restart at the last checkpoint.

We’ll wait & see what the rest of the game holds before I pass a final judgement, but I’m not expecting a glowing review.

Oh… & what kind of crappy arch-villain “curses” his nemesis by making them indestructible?  That’s just bad planning.

– GamerDame


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