ME3 Leviathan DLC Release Date Announced

Finally tired of releasing free weapon packs for multiplayer, BioWare has announced the release date for their first true DLC for Mass Effect 3: Leviathan.  Gamers first learned about this DLC when pieces of the script were discovered in the Extended Cut DLC.

The Leviathan can be played at any point in the game before the raid on Cerberus HQ, which locks you into the endgame.  If you’re already past that point in your game, once the credits have rolled the game automatically places you at the point right before accepting that mission, so you don’t have to replay the entire game just for the DLC.  The story behind the DLC is that, in their search to discover a way to defeat the Reapers, Admiral Hackett learns of a force capable of killing a Reaper.  Of course this means Shepard is dispatched to locate this Leviathan before the Reapers can destroy it.

There’s been some speculation that the Leviathan is another Reaper.  Also, diligent explorers of the Mass Effect galaxy may notice that this DLC shares its name with the Leviathan of Dis.  If you bothered to read the planetary descriptions, you’ll know that this “Leviathan” was supposedly the corpse of a giant, genetically engineered spacecraft which disappeared under mysterious circumstances once the Batarians got involved.  The Leviathan can also be mentioned again in ME3 when a Batarian reveals the ship was a Reaper they attempted to research, but it indoctrinated the researchers, leading to the Reapers easily conquering Batarian space.  So will it be the same Leviathan?  I think there’s a high possibility.  Given that in ME2 we boarded a derelict Reaper that was responsible for the Great Rift on Klendagon mentioned in the planetary description, it’s not out of the question.

According to the Wiki, the DLC will provide new systems & planets, new areas on the Citadel, new characters, new weapon mods & two new weapons to unlock; a shotgun & assault rifle, which unfortunately have no appeal to my Infiltrator Shepard.

A lot of people are questioning how well this DLC will do since we already know it won’t affect the ending that much.  Sure, it may provide more assets for the final battle, but we already know how the trilogy ends.  Will anyone be interested in it?  The biggest draw seems to be from the claim that the content will provide new insight into the Reapers, including their creators.  The Extended Cut did provide us with a little information on where the Reapers came from, but it amounted to little more than “their creators were their first victims.”  So I think its success will depend on how well it integrates this new information.

The DLC is priced at a hefty 800 MP/BP or $10.  This is the same price as the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC, which was regarded as a great addition to ME2.  Hopefully the price will match the quality.  We’ll find out soon, as it will be released on all systems on August 28 (European PS3 owners will have to wait until the 29th).  I plan on purchasing the DLC.  As much as I’m disappointed by BioWare’s recent decision, I still love the Mass Effect franchise.  I’ll try to have a review up on the 29th or 30th so you guys can know how it stacks up.

– GamerDame


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