Gamer Tips: Slender

Because I probably won’t be getting to do any gaming this coming week due to having to help teach Vacation Bible School, I thought I would try a new type of post giving tips on games that seem to give others trouble.  For my first Gamer Tip segment, I picked an Indie game that, despite being less than a month old, has already seen a tremendous surge in popularity.  Slender is a first-person horror game that goes easy on the controls & heavy on the atmosphere.  Because it’s so short & simplistic a game, I’m not going to give a full review.  Suffice to say it manages to be horrifying while having a very simple premise:

You play as a woman in the woods at night being stalked by Slenderman.  You’re goal is to collect eight pages that are scattered randomly at the various landmarks in the forest.  But if you look at Slenderman, you’re finished.

It sounds kind of boring, but trust me.  When the music starts playing & you walk through a doorway when static starts appearing on your screen, & you turn & catch a glimpse of Slenderman to the side, I guarantee you will scream like a little girl.  If you’re a fan of horror or enjoy the Slenderman mythos, check it out.

Anyway, the point of this post isn’t to review the game but to help people beat it.  It’s actually surprisingly difficult.  Especially after you get the seventh page, when Slenderman can turn you around if he gets too close.  But there does seem to be a specific strategy to at least help you win.  So here are my tips based on my own calculations as well as the input from other players.

Addendum 7/25/12: Slender is constantly being modified & upgraded by its creators. As of this date, version 0.9.4 is the most current, with 0.9.5 being in beta.  Certain mechanics may change as a result.  For example, in the current stable version your flashlight drains.  That being said, I believe the tips listed here are general enough to remain effective across all versions.

  1. Continually sprint.  If you waste time or only walk, he will eventually catch up to you.  However, your character can only sprint for very short periods of time before becoming fatigued, as indicated by the heavy breathing.  You can avoid this by sprinting in short burst.  Sprint for a few seconds, then walk for a few, then sprint, then walk.  And so on.  This should keep you from getting fatigued as well as keeping you ahead of Slenderman.
  2. Never look behind you & avoid blind corners.  This goes without saying if you’re familiar with the Slenderman stories.  It may be tempting, but never, never, never look behind you.  The second part of this tip is a little more difficult because sometimes it can’t be avoiding.  Several of the landmarks you have to search for the pages are essentially designed to be one big blind corner.  The house with the hallways is a good example.  However, if you follow the first rule, you should stay far enough ahead of Slenderman to avoiding running into him.
  3. Watch for static.  Static is the game’s way of telling you when Slenderman is close.  The stronger the static, the more danger you’re in.  I don’t know how far away he has to be before you can safely look at him.  I’ve seen him a few yards away & still lost.  Also, there seems to be a brief window when you first see him that you can run away.  It’s short, but it should be enough for your reflexes to kick in & make you run away.
  4. Stay on the path.  The dirt path connects to all of the landmarks, making them easier to find.  Also, it appears that Slenderman is more likely to teleport ahead of you in the trees.  I personally have never seen him appear ahead of someone in an open area.

Addendum 8/13/12: At the request of others, I’ve done some more research & found a few more tips that should help players with versions 0.9.4 & above.

  • Try to get the page in the house as soon as possible.  As of 0.9.4 Slenderman starts following you from the very beginning of the game, but still becomes faster & more aggressive with each page you collect.  You have a better chance of not being ambushed in the house earlier on.  I’ve seen others say that entering the house after collecting six pages is a guaranteed death trap.
  • Let your flashlight recharge.  Recent versions will drain your flashlight if you keep it on, but it will recharge when it’s off.  Also, contrary to popular belief, keeping it off doesn’t help you.  Slenderman will find you regardless.  I’ve also seen others say that if the static starts when you see Slenderman, turning the flashlight off will interrupt the static for a brief second & give you time to look away.
  • Slenderman won’t move when he’s in your field of vision.  This applies even if an object is blocking him from your view.  Use this to your advantage.  If you’re far enough away that it’s not an instant game over, back away while keeping him in sight until you have a good distance between you.  If you’re getting static, putting an obstacle between you, like a tree, can diminish the static.  Assuming he’s not right on top of you, obstacles should make the static slowly fade.
  • Some landmarks seem guaranteed to have pages.  The house seems to be one of them.  There are ten landmarks & eight pages, so two landmarks won’t have anything.  If you visit two places & they don’t have anything, then you know the rest will.
  • I’ve read from others that Slenderman can’t enter the tunnel.  I haven’t tested this but if it’s true, given that the tunnel seems like a guaranteed page (from my experience), save it for one of the later pages or as a safe zone.
  • Find a good map.  There are lots of useful maps helpful people have uploaded to make things a bit easier.

With recent versions making the game more challenging, I hope these tips will help you survive your encounter with Slenderman.  Have fun.  And feel free to post your own results with these tips as well as other tips you’ve noticed to help your fellow gamers.

– GamerDame



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140 responses to “Gamer Tips: Slender

  1. This game is completely horrifying. So simple, yet so perfectly creepy.

  2. DBN

    I heard slender man starts to teleport when you get pg 6 but in my 1st playthrough(Not sure if it was a glitch) he started to teleport when i got page 4 and when i was following the road BAM he teleported right in front of me game over)=

  3. Terrifed

    I’m not sure if this works exactly, or if it’s a glitch, but if you turn off your flashlight after the 2nd page, and look behind you every 5 seconds, Slenderman gets confused, and basically never appears until you have to collect the last page.

    • Sounds like a glitch, or maybe Slenderman uses your flashlight to find you.

      • Meh

        No, in the ‘Readme’ file, it states that having your flashlight off actually makes it easier for him to find you, This makes the battery a more precious commodity,

    • liz

      With respect to the OP, if you “arent sure if this works” don’t post it on a public forum. Try it yourself and see.

      • emily

        I agree as I was on the tunnel collecting a page and as soon as I clicked it he turned me round and I got an insta-kill, he attacks and can enter the tunnel and there’s not always a page in it

  4. Austin

    It’s actually possible to run into the Slenderman before you even collect the first page. When I played today I decided to collect the note in the house before anything else and on my way there I ran into him.

    • I was curious about whether you could check each landmark to see where the pages were before collecting them (I would’ve done the house first as well because it’s such an obvious trap). Thanks for testing that out.

      • Austin

        No problem, I would still recommend getting the house first though because you are less likely to see him before collecting the first page.

    • Summara

      I actually have seen that he CANNOT get you before the first page UNLESS you’re in the house. I have experienced the same things the first few times that I played the game.

      • Rachel

        No, that’s not true. I was playing and walking around in the forest, and slenderman found me.

    • Natalie

      how long did it take you to get there? i know he starts his pursuit either after the 1st page or a certain amout of time. most common i hear its 5 min. =S

      • Naime

        Actually, I did a couple of experiments before with that. He can get you even if you stand still the entire game (and do absolutely nothing). He starts his pursuit after about 5 minutes, and soon the screen gets extremely static. Eventually, the flashlight battery runs out, and he then gets you – even if you did not move the mouse at all or touch the keyboard.

        I tried it a different way another time. What I did then was I tried to look up into the sky (to where he is completely out of view) and then I left it alone. He got me even then. Basically, even if you are not even moving your mouse nor touching your keyboard, he can manually turn you around to look at him – and then kill you. I found that out the hard way after trying to take a quick breath (and he almost instantly got me).

        Very interesting game – I’m doing a JROTC presentation on Slender.

    • DERP

      You clearly took way too long.

    • Toby Hubbard

      Austin thats because he basically lives there evry time I went to get it I got static too

  5. shooterhappy

    after i collected the 3rd note he started teleporting, but i was actually able to stick it out til i got the 5th note so i think i did pretty good that time

  6. yew101

    Actually, he started teleporting for me at page 4
    And turned me around on my 5th page.

    I also screamed like a little girl in tr middle of class first time I played this 😀
    Not even ashamed to say it it’s that scary

    • He also turned me around on the 5th page, I was in the tunnel, I took the page and he was behind me! I got scared as hell!

    • caleb

      I did the same thing in spanish class. Now, Mr. Gomez won’t let me use my computer for google translate

    • Justinater1999

      I got to page 1 and I was leaving the house and he pinned me in one of the rooms standing at the door he sat there for ten minutes I was peeking and starring at a repeatedly and finally he turned me around. I think he blew a fuse

    • TriggerHappy

      A possible explantion; each download is slightly different, its possible and I’ve seen it in other games

  7. Alex

    Here’s what I’ve heard.

    1. If you face the slender man, but get trees to block your view of him, he can’t move and your screen won’t go static-y. So you can walk backwards and he should be able to move.

    2. The only reason your screen goes fuzzy is because you’re holding a video camera. It’s supposed to the like the youtube videos (about Marlbe Hornets) that the set of this game was most likely based off of.

    3. Apparently, when the Slender Man gets you, he shocks you. That’s how you die.

    4. Here’s a map of the area-
    What you learn from this is (pretty much copied the hints that were written on the map):
    a. If there is a note at the tanker, there won’t be one at the tunnel, and vice versa.
    b. Looking at the SM makes him go away, but not or too long.
    c. He has no rules. So I don’t think he spawns or starts teleporting at a random point. It’s random.
    d. It’s a good thing if he’s behind you (I doubt that).
    e. You can use the sky to orientate if you’re lost.
    f. The largest rock points to the dome/silo.
    g. It’s easier to get from the rocks to the dome rather than the opposite way.
    h. It’s bad if you haven’t seen him in a while (although personally I’ve lasted long when I couldn’t find him).

    5. Your flashlight can DIE if you’re not careful. On my first time playing, I had a hard time trying to find the notes and landmarks to the point of my flashlight just shutting off after being on for so long. I tried right-clicking but it didn’t work.

    6. As of now, there are two bonus levels. If you complete the game, you unlock the daytime version. It’s a hell of a lot easier. Then if you complete that, you unlock the $20 version. Basically, this is also during the day time, but instead of freaky music playing, you hear the song “Gimme 20 Dollars” by Ron Browz.
    This version was inspired by a parody of the Marble Hornets videos. In some of the videos, the audio is cut out. Someone later posted a parody saying, “Look, I found the lost audio!” and that song played.

    7. It’s probably best if you go into the building for the 1st or 8th note. The 1st because he’ll be easiest to avoid considering he gets more challenging throughout the game. The 8th because once you get your last note, there is no need to find your way out of the building while avoiding him.

  8. Grant

    i made it to the 6th note. he teleported in front of me after the 5th out in the open but i managed to get away and collect the 6th note but then he turned me around immediatly and game over

    • There is a RULE! after the 6th note start running cause he is right behind you! So it’s better to know where to go and not wasting time! Also, my sister told me while playing that she saw him fisrt on my right, then on my left and in the end behind me! So good luck!

  9. GLaDOS21

    Every time I play the game I am able to get the 5th page, but as soon as I get within resonable distance from the 6th, I am caught and flipped around by the slinder man. I use the sprint tatics, but I just cant get the 6th page. Any ideas?

    • I’ve updated the post with a few additional tips for the recent versions after my original four tips. I hope they help. The newer versions are definitely harder. Also, I found that the map in the image link from one of the comments above was really useful if you want to check it out.

  10. Mira le Slenderfan

    Kso. I’ve heard a loooooooot of things on Slender. And some of this stuff seems pretty inacurate, but I could be wrong.

    Definite places:
    1. Crisscross
    2. Oil tanks

    Those are the only two I know of. I have a map right in front of me and it says there’s always one on the rocks. This is false, unless they spawn at later times. There’ve been several times where I haven’t found a page on the rocks.
    Also, the house. I’ve only ever found a page ONCE in the house. ONCE. I think it’s usually in Room 2 or something. And yes, that is a deathtrap. 😀

    I personally find it hard to follow the paths and end up wandering through the woods. And I never seem to find the pillars, which sort of upsets me.

    Slendy, from what I’ve seen and heard, can NOT get you before you collect the first page. If the drums kick in, that’s because you took too long. He will start following soon.

    Tips, I guess?

    Never look back.
    Turn slowly.
    Try to follow the path.
    Turn the flashlight off until you get the first note.
    Never look back in the house. Never turn corners too quick. Never go in there after page 2, really.
    Don’t spend too much time on one page, and if you don’t get it the first time, circle the whole thing and go around to get it.
    Make sure you take advantage of being able to move side to side.

    Oh. Another important thing. Don’t, for one second, think that Slendy can’t come in the tunnel. Bro. Bro. Bro. He can. The first time I ever tried he got me in the tunnel.

    Tree – press W and A to circle around. Grab from an angle.
    Truck – BE CAREFUL. Slendy likes to pop up on the sides of it. Slowly circle it. Check the back of the truck and all sides of the little mobile home.
    Tanker – Check left, right, and back. Circle slowly so Slendy doesn’t pop up or anything.
    Tunnel – DO. NOT. LOOK. AROUND. Grab the page and go. He loves popping up at the end you’re not on. He also can pop up and get you if you turn around after getting the page. That was my third page and he got me so bad.
    Pillars – Not much to say. Usually page will be easy to get because it’s just right on one of the pillars. Usually. Don’t have much experience with these. Grab and go.
    Crisscross – I hate this. I really do. I have a hard time getting the page because I don’t get it at much of an angle. Circle if you don’t get it. If you do, don’t turn around.
    Rocks – Pretty easy to get the page off here. Just grab and go.
    Dome – W and A to circle. Grab from an angle.
    House – WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE. GET OUT. Um… well, be careful. Try to make this your first page, if you can? c’; He likes to surprise you…~ Death trap after 3, even.
    Oil tanks – Pretty easy to get, usually. Take advantage of backing up (next too much) and A and D to move to sides. Slendy likes corners after 4. Watch out, my bros.

    KSO. I hope this helps… :3 Have any questions ask.

    P.S. Save your flashlight, please. It drains. And Slendy drains it at 7 and 8.
    P.S.S. 1. Comes after. music
    2. Comes after.
    3. Can turn you around. music add
    4. Gets closer and comes around more corners.
    5. Appears more in less turning. wind add
    6. Teleports. Closer everytime you look back.
    7. Drains battery, teleports more, spins you around from farther away, appears more. Last difficulty. what is this add
    8. Insert all of that plus your fears and stress. 😀
    P.S.S.S. I’ve only gotten to 4 pages, lol.
    P.S.S.S.S. That’s the map I use. 😀


    • Thanks for the comprehensive tips, Mira. A lot of this game is trial & error, with a healthy dose of luck. It doesn’t help that the later versions are definitely harder than before.

      In response to some of your notes, being that I’m not a programmer, all of my tips are derived from patterns I’ve noticed from my own experience & others. So it’s possible some of them are wrong. That being said, I can say that I’ve always found a page in the house. Regardless, it should still be one of the first places you check because it’s such an obvious trap. If you wait later, even if there’s nothing in it, you’re screwed. I’m also pretty sure Slenderman can follow you before the first page. I’ve seen people wander around for five minutes without picking up any pages & run into him. But since they’d been to several landmarks without picking up pages even though they were there (they just didn’t notice them), I can’t say if it was a timed thing or if it’s visiting places with pages that triggered him. At the very least I can say he’s in the game from the beginning.

      And thanks for the testing the theory about the tunnel. I haven’t been caught inside it, but I’ve been ambushed on the way out more than once.

  11. Annika

    A few tips that I have learnt from other Slender players, Youtube, friends and my own experience :

    1. When you see him and hear the massive BOOM sound you will get an ‘adrenaline rush’/’shock’ so it will allow you to run faster for a short period of time, but you will still become puffed out.

    2. Always go into the bathroom/house to get the 1st note or the 8th note. 1st, because you can get it over with, and then grab the note on the tanks. 8th, so you can quickly run in and grab it. But if you are going to get it last, then check where the note is earlier on in the game so you know which room it is in, and you can grab it quicker.

    3. Try to stay on the path, but close to the edge so you can go behind a tree and hide, while keeping Slendy in view so he can’t come closer, and you run like hell!

    4. Figure out where you are going by looking at a map ( I use this one : ) instead of wandering aimlessly into the forest, and getting killed.

    5. Check where Slender man is every now and then if you want, but you must after note 5 or 6 because if you don’t, he is more likely to spin you around then kill you.

    6. It may be tempting to look at him from a distance, but this is a big NO NO! The more static, the more your sanity goes down and it becomes harder and harder to look at him, because he will kill you faster.

    7. Only press Shift to sprint when it is absolutely necessary, but if you want to get around faster do it in little bursts and stop before you hear loud breathing, which indicates your stamina and energy is getting low.

    8. Turn off your flashlight before you find the 1st note so the battery will last longer and you are less likely to be cut off mid game.

    9. Turn slowly around corners, don’t look back too fast ( it is more likely to scare the shit out of you! ) and use the W and A or W and D keys ( or the key pad, up and left or up and right ) for a good angle.

    10. Have fun, play with friends and remember to change your pants every so often, because we all know you pissed yourself.

  12. LeNae

    This is all very helpful information! And thank you very much. But, he can enter the tunnel, I’ve been caught in there three times. Once, of which it was my last page and he caught me right before I got it. Total BUZZKILL. But the rest of this helps a lot! Thanks again.(:

  13. Rainbow dash

    Well that’s incorrect lol the first time I played I turned around and he was in the tunnel then I turned of my torch and the static did drop! I escaped but he was infront of me anyway

  14. slender

    the tunnel thing is wrong, i was just playing today and he killed me in the tunnel on the 5th page, it was v0.6 though

  15. Okay fellas! Slenderman Will get you anyways so be careful and choose the house (bathrooms) for first! And be careful of the tunk, he is on the side. He was on my side and my cousin saw him but I didn’t. He didn’t get me cause I left but from then he was behind me. After page 6 run and be sure where you go cause he is behind you. Try being lets say ”kind” with him and NEVER TURN BACK or confuse him! You will never finish the game if you do tricks on him!

    I only reach page 5 he gets me…meh…

  16. mastercheese332

    i got the 4th note and looked at him from behind a tree,i turned around, went to the silo and he killed me 😦 these tips would have helped alot 🙂

  17. lockdown230

    All those tips are helpful but when I played he turned me around after the first page so I guess no time is safe

  18. Jear

    I CAN BEAT IT IF MY FLASHLIGHT LASTED, i get to page 6 and 7 almost everytime, i struggled in the beginning but here’s how i do it no problem, in the beginning may a slight turn left into the woods and keep going straight, you will run into the bathroom, keep your light off the whole time, the page isnt hard to find and ive done it around 10 times and i havent seen him there when getting the page, after you find it, go to the tanks, you shouldnt see him just yet so dont worry, once you find it go to the last row of tankers and make a 45 degree turn left and continue into the woods, this should lead you right into the tree forest thing, at this point hes probably pretty close so DO NOT make any sharp turns or your done, grab it and continue straight, a little ways down you will run into the hollow pipe, grab that, he is usually VERY close at this point and you will see him pretty often but as long as you just ignore him he usually wont catch up to you, then make a 45 degree turn right, follow it to the single tanker grab that, this one is usually very difficult to get because of where it can be…. 9/10 times you will encounter him here JUST IGNORE HIM AND YOU CAN BE FINE…. then turn 90 degrees left to the yellow shed, he is usually right on your butt here…. then just follow the path to the tree and red tower, this is the hardest part considering your flashlight is very dim and slender is right behind you. once you have these sprint to the spinny bricks and finish…. i lose because the flashlight gets too dim and i cant see anything and he will end up turning me around


    I love the way people are giving all of these really technical tips, and then at the end of their comment their like ‘yeah I’ve only ever mad it to 5″. Anywho, just a thought re the tunnel thing, maybe he cant walk into it, only teleport? No idea if this is right, just a thought.

  20. Andrew Weiss

    I have done some experimenting, and so far I have never gotten Slender man into the Bathroom. With two pages, (the most I can get so far and make it safely to the bathroom) I hid in a corner for a long time, and he never came in. As soon as I left, obviously he ambushed me, but is it true that he does not go into the bathrooms?

    • BadWolfProject

      I know for a fact that he DOES go into the bathrooms, you just never see him following you. I watched pewdiepie’s let’s play of the game, and he ran into Slendy twice in there. He will not specifically follow you in the winding halls, but he will tend to either slenderwalk into one of the rooms you are heading towards and wait justinside the entrance, so you walk right into him, or he will wait until you walk into the dead-end room, and stay just around the second turn (you’ll usually see the edge of his arm poking out if he does this). If the second scenario happens, turn off your light and keep looking at him until your screen is almost covered with static. Then duck back into the room and wait for your vision to clear. When you come back out, he will have left, BUT HE WILL LIKELY BE WAITING TO THE SIDE OF WHATEVER EXIT YOU GO TOWARDS, so when you get to the exit, don’t be afraid to sprint out, as he will likely grab you if you don’t. Hope I helped, and sorry if the format is weird, I’m doing this from a cellphone.

      • Andrew Weiss

        Thats odd, I waited like ten minutes in the corner of the bathroom to test him and he never came in. Was it possibly because I only had two pages or because I turned off my flashlight?

      • BadWolfProject

        Well, when Pewdie went in, it was during pages 4 and up, so that may have something to do with it.

        And from watching his videos, and from my own experiences, leaving your light off actually makes it EASIER for him to find you.

        On another note, I’m currently working on a mod for this game that wil switch your roles, making you the Slenderman. Just getting started, and ol’ Slendy’s code is kinda complex, but i should be finished in a few months. XD

      • streakerman145

        pewdiepie is funny, byw sent me a copy of the mod, or the url of where ur posting it, id love to try it 🙂

      • Slendypie

        Can you post something when you finish the mod? that sounds like an awesome idea and i want to play it 😀 :3

      • Freaked out

        the annoying thing about this game is that you technically can’t win the game. even when you collect all 8 pages you still lose 😦 But i like this game because you can use it to freak out mostly anyone:)

      • TriggerHappy

        Once you get that done, maybe start working on multiplayer mod? :333
        Sorry, but I like scaring the heck out of little kids. >:333

    • makejeryoudontdie

      Only go to bathroom for 1st or 8th its a deathtrap

      • Natalie

        if you wait for him in the bathrooms he will never get you. as long as you are standing still at least. this is cos the game is designed so you can never actually SEE Slender while he is MOVING. whenever you see him he is stationary. he can only move when you arent looking. ;o

  21. Isaac

    All the tips here is very useful, but Mr Slender Man always instakill me when i had 6 pages and sprint toward the scary tree or Silo..And that’s my 6th time trying..T_T

  22. Paige

    He can definitely enter the tunnel so be careful! Ive gone in there, collected the note, and then he was right beside me. Also happened to youtube user pewdiepie!

  23. Kelvin

    Anyone here beat the Slender Man and had collected all 8 pages in the latest v.9.7 version? How to avoid INSTAKILL by Slender man after 5 pages onward? Should we always keep the flesh light on ? thanks for reply!!!

    • Romy

      Hi! You need to check your back more often. When he’s close and you hear the ‘DUN’, that’s when you dash. Should help.

  24. Lottie

    Slenderman can get you from the very begining… the first time I played I wasn’t really sure what I was meant to do, so I just wandered around aimlessly through the woods… didn’t go near any landmarks but he still caught me. There was no music or booming noises, just the static and then game over.


    I was playing this in class (like a boss) and I was about to get my second note and saw him like 50 feet behind me so I went around the turck to get the note and got a glance at where I was before and he was standing right there. I walked away and my friend said “look to see if he’s still there!” So I did and he was but then my friend scared me and moved my mouse so I looked into the sky. I then looked back toward him and he was all up in my face! He got me at second note so he teleported on me.

  26. The Spooked Man

    I started to get spooked just after finding the first note and got spooked by my friend, so I hit the “Panic” Button (the ESC button on the PC keyboard) and looked at photos of kittens

    • Taylor

      Oh man, I know what you mean! I don’t play much horror, so I was super scared to play. I’ve tried at least 6 times, then quit the game and had kitten therapy. My neighbor played it with me, though. We got to the first page, then saw Slendy a while later. I was so freaked out and the laptop wouldn’t turn off, so I slammed it shut and almost broke it. Well. One day, I’ll be brave enough…

  27. The Spooked Man

    Just to say BadWolfProject: If you manage to get that mod finished, I’ll hi five you

  28. WhenHorrorGamesAreFun

    They should make a even scarier mode for this game

    • caleb


    • TriggerHappy

      There is one, it changes slender mans face to some old woman with red eyes and a mouth that opens… it gave me nightmares DDD:

      • TriggerHappy

        Oops! I thought you said MOD, I don’t think slender modes make it scarier, I think they make it less scary so that you can explore the map happily while thinking of rainbows and lollipops and not how slenderman could turn you around any second now to INSTA-KILL you.

  29. J

    There are a couple of things I have not seen mentioned:
    1. Slender Man will not appear until you get the first note, unless you take too long to get it. Should you take too long or get the first note, you will hear the drums start. When you hear the drums, Slender Man has spawned.
    2. Music cues will help you know what to expect. The drum beat signals that Slender Man has spawned and is following you. On page 3 and above, the low note lets you know that the dramatic “shocking” sound clip will play whenever you see Slender Man from then on.
    3. You can look at Slender Man, but the closer he is, the more quickly your screen will be covered in static. You can look at him longer with your light off, but he will still kill you.
    4. DO NOT go into the building for the eight page, unless you accidentally got two pages first. Going into the building after that is a death sentence. There are four rooms in the building, and two of those have doors right outside their entrances. However, that leaves two dead-end rooms which may or may not have a note in them (there will only be one in the building). You might get lucky after the seventh page, but it’s a 50-50 chance. It’s a 100% chance of finding it if you search every room before getting any other notes.
    5. Save your flashlight battery in the building! You can still see easily because the tiles are white and make everything lighter, and the notes are always in an area of high contrast (white page on a dark chair, or white page half on black wall and half on white tile). Turn it on after you leave.
    6. Yes, Slender Man can follow you into the tunnel. He can follow you anywhere.
    7. Do not think that looking at Slender Man with an obstacle in between you and him will keep you safe for long. Should you turn away for a second, he can teleport around the obstacle, or he may appear right behind you. Either way, he will not stay in place forever.
    8. If Slender Man corners you near the truck (either one), you can look at him through the window, windshield, or through the wooden slats on the trunk without dying.
    9. Don’t spin around to run away from him, unless he appears right in front of you. Otherwise, you will get disoriented and may run toward him in the static.
    10. Slender Man ALWAYS teleports, that’s just how he moves. However, he will teleport more quickly and/or for longer distances after you get more pages.
    11. In the newest version, your viewing distance becomes less after you get each page.
    12. According to the readme, having your flashlight off makes it easier for Slender Man to catch you.
    13. If you look at the ground or straight up, Slender Man can approach you from the front.
    14. Walk along the edge of the path. If Slender Man appears near you, you can easily get a tree in between you and him.
    15. After getting a few pages, Slender Man can appear directly where you are looking. This makes walking in the middle of paths dangerous, because he can appear in front of you and you have nowhere to run before he catches you.
    16. Seeing Slender Man shocks you, which lets you sprint (instead of jog) for a few seconds. This will get you a good distance away from him, but it will also lower your maximum stamina.
    17. In the newest version, jogging or sprinting will automatically lower your stamina by 5% every time you press shift, which makes the old tactic of spamming shift to run and recover at the same time a bad idea.
    18. Don’t stop to read the notes past note 3. Slender Man will have an easy time catching you if you do, and they don’t help you anyway, unless you have never heard of the game before.

    • Romy

      The first two are entirly false. I have actually seen him in about 45 seconds with no pages (f my luck) so that is false. And 4 is false too. I usually make the bathrooms my 3rd or 4th page. I don’t have any problems, usually. 7 is iffy. It works pretty well, but with 6 or 7 pages, you won’t get as long as a time for standing there. With 2, you might as well have a picnic right there. XD

  30. Petr

    I don’t know… I just downloaded it, played it a couple of times. It’s not that scary. Granted, I never got past 2 pages, but I only got startled once, that was when I died the second time, the static just appeared out of nowhere.

  31. I actually shared your post with some pals.
    If you have acquired a little improvement in guests is usually from us, was helpful to us.

  32. So, i figured out how to get daytime mode without beating the game, and i tryed it. I don’t think with the 9.7 update that it is much easier. after the 5 or 6 page you can literally only see about 10 ft in front of u. my record on nightime mode is 6 pages and on daytime mode i barely managed 7 until he turned me around.

  33. Slendypie

    um… yeah so, any tips for wimps that are too chicken to even play to the first note? i always quit. I’m so lame. I just need a method to calm down so i can continue. Suspense is what kills me.

  34. Ghost

    Following the tips did not help me. after 5 pages he just turned me around with his tentacles and I died. Picked me up and brung me to him.

  35. Maquez

    Hey from I got the tunnel didn’t help first slender was on the other side,then when I collected the page I turned around and HE WaS RIGHT BEHIND!!!!so the tunnel might not be safe for me…. 😦

  36. Sooki

    Hey a friend and I made this Slender map. It’s easy to follow so take a look! 🙂

  37. Freaked out

    i’m not scared of this game anymore but when i first saw someone get caught by slender man i couldn’t sleep well for a week!!

  38. Freaked out

    Actually, it was a month!

  39. anonymous

    They gotta make a scarier mod where your perhaps in an abandoned clothing department with mannequins dressed like slender and when he teleports he will wait for you to pass a display set lofl.

  40. Sally Sue

    I dont have any tips for beating it, but I’ve encountered a quite funny/weird/horrific glitch…

    If you look at Slendy TROUGH the windows of the car next to the caravan, no static will appear. So you can basically look at him how long you like without getting killed! I’ve tried this several times, once he was standing right next to the truck and I could get a really good zoomed-in shot of his pretty face ;3

    You really need to make sure that there’s no visible part of him outside the window though, if there’s like a arm outside of it static will appear like usual. Also, he teleports away after a minute or so, probably less the more pages you have…

  41. Bc Rich rules

    I never screamed in slender but I have jumped

  42. Mira le Slenderfan

    I’d like to make clear a few things:

    Number one. At least to 9.5v, he can not come after you until after exactly five minutes. If you sit still after said five minutes for exactly four more minutes, the Slender Man will kill you. However, I can not prove nor disprove the theory about him being able to get you in the house/bathrooms, leading me to my second point-

    Number two. Yes, he can come into the house. But, as far as I have seen… he can not come into any of the individual rooms. I’ve sat around turned towards the entry, away from it, flashlight on, flashlight off. He can only stop outside of it or barely into it.

  43. Jango

    Quick question: Is there a house in version 9.7 of the game Slender: The 8 Pages? I have found maps on the web but none mention any actual houses

  44. Phil

    uhhh just to say he CAN go in the tunnel, there’s no reason for him not to i’ve seen in there so many times. turning your torch off makes it easier for him to get you but it also means you can look at him longer and when this article says “the house” i think its reffering to the empty building that looks like a toilet block

  45. SlenderMan

    You guys used to be fun but now….*sighs*

  46. So when you collect all 8 pages people say go find the exit, well what happens next do you win the game and unlock day mode or is there no exit? Slenderman can go in the tunnel I played once and he was there. and for sprint, some people save it for the end to run, but does it run out?

    • Romy

      Once you collect all eight of them, he disappears for a tiny bit, then appears. You’ll unlock day mode (it’s really fun, but harder, at least to me. X3) I run a lot. I use a REALLY risky method though. It’s kind of hard… You need to look behind yourself every 3 seconds (yup). You want him to get really close to you. When you hear a loud ‘DUN’ sound, sprint the other way. I’ll repeat this with no stamina problems whatsoever. It’s really good for day mode (for me). Stamina does run out eventually. You gotta run a LOT though. The girl just won’t stop heavily breathing. If you can get scarred (with the ‘DUN’ sound) you’ll recover a tiny amount of max stamina. I’d save it for the end, if possible. Try to tree-block for one through six.

  47. Damon

    Half of the tips are FALSE! He ->CANCANfour minutesfirst page<-. He DOES NOT go after you untill one of thoes two things happen. I have a good order that takes a few tries no memorize but once you get it down it is easier to win as I have done 6 times. House, tankers, silo, rocks, + wall, 6 pillars, tunnel, bluetruck, redtruck+house, leafless tree. Good luck beating it and have fun!

  48. now this actually help me to survive all i did was just click and run but when you get the page “dont look or it takes you” he always appears behind and makes me look directly at him im like wtf man

  49. Ok… a lot of you are saying he turns you around after the 6th page. I got the 5th page and he turned me around. I think jonathan wright clarified this with his “don’t look or it takes you” page mechanics theory, so thanks for that. I’ll have to check that out when I play it next.
    Also, I saw on a map that one of the rooms in the bath house was kind of a “safe room” where he couldn’t get you. I think if you go in via the short hallway (the entrance closest to the rusted tankers) and you take a left, then go right and end up in that room, that was the room where he couldn’t get you. Could someone clarify/verify that?

  50. Remming Nuton

    I have tried about 75 times now and I still can’t get past the sixth note. Today, about ten minutes ago in fact, I was literally looking at the seventh note but I was insta-killed. I have looked on hundreds of different sites, blogs, and tips, and these peple keep talking about rules and programming in the game. There are no rules. Everything is random. Here is most (if not all) of what I learned from repetitive gameplay:

    1. DONT go into the house first, because it’s a waste of time going all the way past a bunch of notes just for that one. Go around the map, get the open ones first because if you have the house as your last location, there is no need to find a way out, but hope and pray that you get lucky and find the right room because if you get trapped, you’re done

    2. Don’t wonder around too much, or you’ll get insta-killed.

    3. Note locations are completely random. There are ten landmarks, and eight will have notes, so two will obviously not have notes.

    4. The slenderman can appear anywhere at ANY time, so don’t get caught in the woods and for goodness sake, keep on the move.

    But that’s all old hat right?

    Here are some more in-depth tips.

    5. Have a map of the forest open on the internet, so you can become used to navigating without a flashlight so you can save your battery.

    6. Should you choose not to use the flashlight, you can look slightly towards the sky so you can see the split in the trees, which means you’re walking down the dirtpath.

    7. Even thought it’s very tempting for jittery players, DO NOT do a perfect 90 degree Left for Dead 2 spin because there is a good chance he’ll be waiting behind you with a wedding proposal.

    8. AVOID THE CORNERS- “Strafe and Observe” (I came up with that myself) Basically, sidestep around a landmark, slowly turning the camera so slenderman doesn’t appear because of jolty movements. If you see a note, continue slowly turning the camera toward the dirt path so you don’t get caught. if there isn’t a note after checking the whole landmark, then carefully turn and be on your way. Sprinting, that is.

    9. If you do encounter slenderman (but he’s at a distance and didn’t do his super-sayen insta-kill), THAT’S when you quickly turn around and sprint the other way while you have the sprint bonus time from being shocked. If you try and circle around him to go way you were going, there is a good possibility he’ll stalk you very closely because you went past him, not away.

    10. If you get turned around, it’s game over.

    I’ll have more tips later, thank you.

  51. AnthonyMotley

    I’ve seen slender man after only page 2 so watch out

  52. AnthonyMotley

    Avoid house at all COSTS! Check all places b4 house

  53. AnthonyMotley

    Slender man can come after u whenever he wants too I have personally seen him only after the 2nd page

  54. AnthonyMotley

    There is no safe distance to look at slender man you see him you get the HELL out if there and right when you see him 180 and run you NEVER look back or else your a goner

  55. AnthonyMotley

    1. Avoid house at all costs.
    2. Never look back.
    3. You see him get OUT of there
    4. In the tunnel after u collect the note every single time you turn around he will be right there so go in the tunnel get the note sprint in the direction that you were looking at or else he will spin u around and insta-kill

  56. AnthonyMotley

    Once you reach the tunnel sprint through that entire thing DON’T look back.

  57. Does Slenderman kill you or send you to another demention? What happends?

  58. Jennifer

    Lol! The tunnel is not a safe zone AT ALL! I have the latest version of Slender, and l got my fifth page from the tunnel. It was an instant game over for me because he was right behind. Biggest jumpscare of my life! So yeah, don’t trust the tunnels, and don’t think they’re safe zones because you’ll be in for quite a surprise when he’s right behind you in there!

  59. Slender expert

    anyone who thinks you should go to the house last is a moron, ALWAYS go there first. NEVER turn around to look at him, always turn as gradually as possible. You shouldn’t even need to start jogging until about the 3rd/4th page. after the 5th page, jog until you are barely out of breath, then wait 10-15 seconds, repeat. Slenderman CAN get you in the tunnel. I have no clue if he can or can’t go into the rooms in the house. I don’t THINK he can go into the individual rooms of the house IF you’re in there. Slenderman DOES NOT spawn until you either collect a page, or wait about 5 minutes and hear the drums. I wouldn’t recommend the “look at slendy behind a tree strategy” mainly because I’m pretty sure he’ll catch you almost as soon as you stop looking at him. I think he can teleport closer to you the longer you are stationary. In general, if slender is blocking your path, you should usually just turn around and make a REALLY wide circle around him. Otherwise, just go the opposite direction. Don’t be afraid to use your sprint if you need it. Keep your flashlight on at all times, but ESPECIALLY after the 4th page, he can teleport in front of you with it off after the 4th page. try and stay on the path as much as possible, it’s easier to navigate that way. Always try and take the same route, this way, you’ll memorize it and know where you are.

  60. xavier

    no i have all 8 notes and i have been running around for like 5 min tell me what to do

  61. xavier

    never mind the ipod version has more than 8 pages it has like 12

  62. Mitchell

    Let me just say that a lot of these ‘tips’ are contradicticting. I guess it is just because I’m reading the earlier ones…
    Also, go counter-clockwise on the map, but first go to the bathhouse complex.

  63. Jake

    I love this game!!!!! It is fun to play it with friends in a dark room at a sleepover! It is a very well made game to scare the crap out of you!!!!!!

  64. SlendySearcher

    Slender Theory Research Piece #1

    ” Slendy spawns at a certain time / Slendy doesn’t spawn until you get (?)th note”

    After many rounds, trials, and tedious research I have concluded that Slendy spawns at either 5:01 minutes into the start of the game, or up to 15 seconds after obtaining the first note. My research will continue.

  65. Ahh, if any thrill seekers want something a little ironic Try SLENDER-TUBBIES! I know, seems spooky XD But seriously, their faces are CREEEEEPY! Go online and search Slendertubbies on google images if ya don’ believe me!

  66. Sami

    Such a creepy game. I can barely play it when Im alone! But these tips really helped me out! ❤

  67. heyheyhey

    I have heard that after you get every page slender teleports back to the fence but i’m not so sure could someone clarify this for me?

  68. jman

    Dude slenderman can enter the tunnel

  69. seth

    i was playing it and he did pop up in the pipe i turned around and ther he was at the other end but my camera didnt static i just took off and went to the bathrooms but he can pop up in the pipe

  70. Minecrafter2.0

    If you want a good example of the bathroom ambush, watch IhasCupQuake’s play through(actually versing her husband to see who can get more pages- She got 6, He got 5). Her husband Red gets ambushed in the bathrooms.
    -Allan V Scott

  71. Amie

    did u guy know that u can’t really win? well sure u get the last page but as soon as u walk away with it BAM! he is right there in front of your face and u cant run. 😦 and your reward for wining/losing is seeing the credits which you can’t skip unless u turn the computer off…. but besides all that it is fun and creepy! XD i keep screaming when i see him.

  72. Owner of own

    No landmark is guaranteed a page. Slenderman can enter the tunnel if he wants. The tree, car and storage unit, single tanker truck, and tunnel are comparitively easier to check. Silo and rocks would make that list if they weren’t surrounded by trees. The cut woods is widely considered one of the most difficult landmarks to find. If the four walls are directly at your back you can find them by moving foreward and to the right slightly. Alternatively you can follow the path to find them, however note that the path branches at a hard angle which makes it difficult to spot. The tunnel and woods are very close to each other, arguably the closest landmarks. If you find yourself lost in the middle, use the tankers to orient yourself. The tankers point to the bath house and directly to the rocks. However, the golden rule of slender is as follows: if you’re lost, you’ve lost. The most successful method of learning the map is to navigate it without a flashlight. Look up to see clearings in the canopy above. These indicate paths. Slenderman is extremely prone to instant captures after six pages, but it seems more difficult for him to do so when the player sprints. While most advice concerning slenderman’s behavior is speculation, it would appear true that if the player has not seen slenderman in a marked period of time it indicates that he is preparing to instant-capture. Finally, remember: slenderman is like Montez I the bedroom, he only has one rule: f*ck all rules. He can capture the player before the ambience begins, teleport anywhere he wants at any time without warning, and can disappear even when the player is looking at him. Do not expect slenderman to be in the least bit predictable. Good luck.

  73. Harmon Tumacder

    guy’s the tunnel rumors isn’t true i waited in the middle of the tunnel after the 2nd page and slender teleported right in front of me.

  74. harry

    that thing that he cant catch in the tunnel…

    i was entering in it, close to the left wall, looking for the fifth page and then suddenly i just hear a horryfing music i turn a bit to the right and PUM!!
    there was he “staring at me” at about 1 feet of distance, i jumped from my chair and start screaming like a mad girl, and then couldn t sleep at night…

    so guys, watch closely…

    he definetly IS in the damn tunnel…

  75. troll

    on my school bus i was playing slender, i had 2 pages then my screen went fuzzy so i turned and he was there with his tentacles out so i scream like a little girl

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