First Impressions: Silent Hill 3 HD

I think that if I was ever trapped in a scenario from a horror movie or game, my reaction would be similar to Heather Mason’s.  Well, after I sat in a corner & cried for a few minutes before sucking it up & vowing to get the hell out of there.  I find that Heather strikes an interesting balance in gaming.  While she’s no Marine, she’s not completely helpless either.  She just acts like an ordinary teenager, bad attitude & all.

Although I’ve only played a short bit of the game so far, there are some very noticeable differences between Silent Hill 3 & 2.  SH3 seems content to just throw you right in the middle of all the madness.  One crazy introductory dream sequence (which I know you can skip by killing yourself but I didn’t do that), a few cutscenes & the insanity commences.  I think the fact that you pretty much start the game with a pistol really sets the tone as being more frantic.  In SH2, I could take on most enemies with a melee weapon reasonably well.  But in the third installment, the enemies are either too large & intimidating for me to want to take on or too fast.  It certainly feels more tense & I’ve been running away a lot more.

I know this is a lot shorter than my normal Impressions posts, but with all the overtime I’ve had to work lately I’ve only just entered the Otherworld shopping mall.  I should have a few off days coming up soon (assuming my boss doesn’t make me work them) so I plan to really give the game my full attention then.

– GamerDame


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