Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Release Date Announced

BioWare has announced that the release date for their free Extended Cut DLC will be June 26, unless you’re a European PS3 owner, in which case you’ll have to wait until July 4.  This Extended Cut is an optional add-on to the end of the game.  BioWare announced their plans to release this DLC after the outpouring of hate they received from the trilogy’s ending.

Of course we won’t know exactly what this add-on entails until we get to play it, but there are some things we know for certain:

  1. The DLC will NOT change the actual endings.  According to BioWare, the endings have not been changed in any fundamental way.  This is supposed to be a clarification of the endings, as well as a way to add some closure for fans.
  2. It will include some new scenes.  Many people speculated that the new content would merely be a slideshow similar to the epilogue in Dragon Age: Origins, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.  According to a previous article, BioWare brought some of the voiceactors, including Tricia Helfer (EDI) & Lance Henrikson (Hackett), back to record new dialogue.  However, supposedly neither Mark Meer nor Jennifer Hale were brought back in, suggesting there won’t be any new scenes with Shepard.
  3. It will be a fairly substantial add-on.  The DLC is supposed to be 1.9 GB.  To put things into perspective, Dragon Age: Awakening was 1.88 GB, & it was sold as a completely new game.

Probably my favorite thing about reading news like this is the speculation that comes out of it.  Probably one of the biggest is the accusation that BioWare deliberately shipped an incomplete game, intending to make an ending add-on to wring as much cash from the franchise as possible, but made it free after all the outrage to save face.  And while I can certainly see where that thinking comes from, as I thought the same thing myself, if they really did recently bring in voiceactors, then that’s probably unlikely.  It also hasn’t been that long between when BioWare announced the DLC & its release, which may hint at it already having been in production, but as I don’t know the technicalities of making videogames I honestly can’t say if it’s too short an amount of time or not.  My personal sense is that, no matter how badly planned you may think the current ending was, it was what BioWare really meant to tell & they just didn’t expect so many people to dislike it.

So will the Extended Cut finally placate the angry fans?  I’ll be sure to give my opinion of it when it comes out Tuesday.  Between this, the Dawnguard DLC & hopefully getting Dragon’s Dogma, I’m in for a good birthday.  And unlike Dawnguard, this one’s free!  It really is like a birthday present from BioWare.

– GamerDame


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