Skyrim Glitch Fix: Imperial Legion Ending Bug

With Half-Life 2 & its episodes finally finished, I was able to pick Skyrim up again.  I decided to complete the Civil War quests from the Imperial Legion side.  But after completing it, I came across a bug that I couldn’t find a solution for on the internet.  I suspect this is because I’m in the minority of choosing the Legion while most players go with the Stormcloaks.  Personally, it didn’t make sense for my Bosmer to side with the people who basically want all other races expelled from Skyrim.  Plus, I thought it would be more epic for two Thu’um users to go against each other.  But I digress…

This isn’t the first time I’ve come across bugs or glitches while playing, but this was the first time one wasn’t fixed by saving & reloading the game.  So because I had to find my own solution (the Elder Scrolls Wiki doesn’t offer a solution either), & on the off-chance that other people may have encountered the same problem, I decided to post my steps for fixing it.

The Bug: The new Jarl of Windhelm doesn’t appear.

After defeating Ulfric Stormcloak in the Battle for Windhelm, Brunwulf Free-Winter is made the new Jarl.  When you return to the Palace of the Kings, he’s supposed to inside.  However, with this bug, he does not appear.  There’s a table full of Jarls & the steward, but you can’t interact with them.  (The people aren’t actually part of the bug, although I thought they were at first.  The Jarls who sided with the Stormcloaks get replaced.)  I also noticed that although the citizens returned & the city was no longer in flames, no guards were around — either Stormcloak or Imperial.  While not necessarily game-breaking, without the Jarl I couldn’t buy a house in Windhelm or become Thane.

I tried traveling to another location, waiting a few days & returning, but that didn’t work.  I saved my game outside the Palace, went to the 360 home screen & reloaded, but that didn’t work either.  Searching the forums & message boards didn’t offer any solutions for the 360 (I assume PC users can use console codes).

But I came up with a solution on my own & everything seems to be working fine now.  So here are the steps I took:

  1. I entered the Palace of the Kings.
  2. Standing at one end of the dinning table, I used Unrelenting Force on all of the people seated.  This of course gave me a bounty from every region the people were originally from & caused them to attack them.
  3. I then fast traveled to outside Riften.  First I had to lose my pursuit because you can’t fast travel with enemies around.  I found it easiest to simply leave Windhelm & then jump into the river & swim away.  No one followed me.
  4. The Imperial soldiers outside Riften attacked me without trying to arrest me first, so I had to kill them all.  I’m not sure if this is related to the Jarl bug, but I’m documenting exactly what I did so I’m including it.
  5. When I traveled back to Windhelm, the problem seemed to be fixed.  The guards were back, as was Free-Winter, & I was able to proceed as normal.  The guards at Riften also began to behave normally again & tried to arrest me the next time I entered the city (for the record, I bribed them because it was cheaper than paying the fine).

I can only say that this worked for me on the 360, so I can’t guarantee it will work for everyone.  I doubt you have to follow my steps exactly.  Just attack the people in the hall, leave the city & then come back & everything should be fine.

I hope this helps out anyone else who has the same problem.

– GamerDame



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16 responses to “Skyrim Glitch Fix: Imperial Legion Ending Bug

  1. Dylan

    Hey man. Thanks for this, I’m experiencing the same glitch now. Your right in that there isn’t much talk of it elsewhere on the net. I’m gonna try this now, I’ll tell you how it goes

  2. Dylan

    I’ve just done this and it has indeed made Brunwulf appear as Jarl. The Stormcloak Jarls still line the table however, but I read elsewhere that this goes away eventually.

    I basically did a Fus Ro Da on the Jarls as you said, ran out of the city, then fast travelled and went back to the palace, and there was Brunwulf.


    • Dylan

      Oh and this was done on a P.C.

      • Dylan

        Sorry for the multiple replies but I wanted to add this – the countless leftover dialogue that implies Ulfric is still alive after killing him is very unimpressive…

    • I’m glad to see this works for other people. I don’t think the Stormcloak Jarls are a glitch, per se. Since they’ve been replaced by Imperial-loyal Jarls, I guess it’s better than them just disappearing from the game. I also agree that it’s annoying that none of the other characters in the game seem to realize the war is over. But I think that’s a game-wide thing, not just limited to the Legion quests. I mean, I’ve long since finished the main quest but people keep acting surprised about dragons appearing.

  3. Sean

    OMG! It WORKED! Thank you! Usually the answer to everything is on Google, but not this. I couldn’t find anything! You saved me a lot of time waiting. This game is great, just wish it wasn’t so glitchy.

  4. Al

    It works on the PS3, as well, in case anyone is wondering. Thanks for the fix!

  5. Ashley

    It worked for me too 🙂 Thanks, didn’t find many other people having this issue. How long does Ulfric’s dead body stay on the floor? It’s there for you all, too, right?

  6. Tabatha

    Thank You soooo much for this. I looked everywhere for a fix but couldn’t find one. thought I was gonna have to do that quest line over again (luckly I saved before the battle for fort amol) btw i play on ps3 😀

  7. mang somay

    it’s work.. thanks.. 🙂

  8. Didn’t work for me. Brunwulf still sits all day long in his house. 😦

  9. Pattroclos

    Hi, I experienced the same glitch but I managed to fix it just by fast traveling to solitude and speaking with Rikke and Tulius

  10. Anysia

    It didn’t work for me! I have no guards anywhere, and all of the Stormcloak Jarls are up in a room in the Palace of the King upstairs off the entry/dining/throne room. I messed around with the Stormcloak people like instructed and the steward. He chased me out of the city but can’t get back in because I’ve got the “you can’t enter until you lead the Imperials into the city” glitch too!
    Arg! If I knew Skyrim was such a huge pain in the ass, I never would’ve started it to begin with!!!

  11. Paolo

    Thank you Gamerdame. Had the same problem and did exactly as you said and it worked. Highly appreciated 😊

  12. dinoapples

    No go for me on PC. Though I sheathed my sword and let the Riften guards attempt arrest, (paid off my bounty for half thanks to the Thieves Guild 😏) so maybe that’s why.

  13. Trinity


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