BioWare Finally Releases Trailer with Female Shepard

So after having a big deal about letting fans pick the appearance for the default female Shepard (affectionately referred to as FemShep), BioWare has finally released a trailer using the fan chosen design.

I really like this new trailer.  Epic action, dramatic chorus music & a red-headed Shepard (like my own).  The trailer, called Reinstated, not only showcases the brilliance of Jennifer Hale’s voiceacting, but hints at some returning characters.  Jacob, Miranda, Samara & Legion are all glimpsed during the trailer.  But as with most of the characters, it’s unclear how large a role they’ll have in the story.

I hope this is the beginning of BioWare using FemShep in more of its promotional material.  Some people have argued, & rightly so, that there was already a default FemShep in the previous two games.  However, she wasn’t used in any advertisements.  I think the popularity of FemShep encouraged BioWare to promote her more.  Especially with the Collector’s Edition totting images of both versions of Shepard, it just makes sense to use her image more.

Call me biased if you want, but I think FemShep fits the game better.  If given a choice I’ll always play as a female character because there are so few really cool female leads in games — or at least few that don’t strike me as being female just for the sake of having breasts on the screen.  But Shepard will always have a special place in my heart.  I think that’s in large part thanks to Hale’s talents.  Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against Mark Meer (the male Shepard’s voice) but I think his voice is better suited to the Renegade path.  Hale sounds awesome regardless of whether you’re playing as Paragon & Renegade.  Even though the player gets to choose what personality Shepard has, it’s always endearing.  So even if you’re playing as the baddest Renegade in the solar system, Shepard still comes across as likeable & memorable.  In my mind, Commander Shepard will always be the red-headed Paragon I’ve always played her as.  Playing any other way just feels strange.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more FemShep trailers as the release date in March approaches.

– GamerDame


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