Demo Thoughts: Asura’s Wrath

With classes starting back at college, I’ve spent the last few weeks getting used to having homework again, which left little time for gaming.  But I did get around to checking out the demo for Asura’s Wrath.  I’ll be honest; I wasn’t particularly interested in this game when I saw the video from E3.  The video showed two men who looked like they’d be right at home in a Dragonball Z episode fighting on the moon.  Between the slightly unappealing character design & the calls of God-of-War-clone, I was set to let this game pass me by.  But this demo may have actually done what demos are supposed to do: changed my impressions.

As I wasn’t interested in this game until now, my knowledge of it is a bit lacking.  What I do know is that the game is about a demigod named Asura who was framed for the Emperor’s death, his wife was killed, his daughter kidnapped & he was banished to earth.  A mere 12000 years later he’s awaken by the prayers of a young girl (who from the demo seems to look like his daughter) & embarks to take revenge on his former allies.

Asura’s Wrath demo allows you to play through two boss fights in a couple of the later chapters.  The first is a giant stone golem-looking man named Wyzen.  The second is Asura’s former mentor Augus, which is the same fight shown during the E3 video.

Thoughts on the demo: As the game only shows parts from two boss fights, I can’t speak on what the normal gameplay is like.  However, boss fights seem to focus on building up Asura’s rage meter until he can unleash an uber-powerful rage attack & advance the fight to the next stage.  A lot of the boss fights involve quick-time events, but there are regular fighting sections, such as using the rapid-fire attack on Wyzen while rushing towards him or using combos to knock Augus to the ground.  There also appears to be at least two stages for each boss fight, which require different strategies.

The Good & Bad:
     + Combat is easy to pick up
     + Combat slows when the QTE appears, giving ample reaction time
     + Boss fights rely less on depleting the boss’ health
     + Ignoring all the shouting, the voiceacting seems good
     + Sometimes have the option to interrupt long-winded speeches
     – Personally couldn’t get the hang of the rapid-fire attack
     – Boss fights are very scripted
     – Using the B button to attack felt a bit odd to me
     – Still not crazy about the art style


For the most part, I felt that the bad things about the demo are mostly things that will go away once you get used to the gameplay system.  I’m still a bit iffy on the art style, though.  It’s not so much the actual style of the game, because I give them credit for trying something different, but the character models.  All of the male characters look like they’ve been taking steroids.

A lot of people have been calling this a God of War clone, but I can’t really speak for that since I’ve never played it.  I can say the game does seem to rely heavily on QTE’s.  However, I don’t think it’s fair to use the clone label just because a game wants to use an idea that was successful in another game.  If that was the case, all shooters should be called Doom or Quake clones.  So long as the system is implemented properly & the developers attempt to make the system their own, I don’t see the problem.

Overall, the demo was a lot of fun.  Assuming everything else works well, I will definitely be checking this game out.

– GamerDame


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