Looking Forward to the 2012 Gaming Year

In my last post I wrote about my best games from this year.  With the new year not even a day away, I figured it was an excellent time to write about what games I’m looking forward to in 2012.  I’ve written about some of these games already, such as in my post about E3, but as time wears on some games drop from my personal radar while others blip up with new interest.

Mass Effect 3.  (March) This should come as no surprise to anyone who’s even glanced at my posting list.  ME3 is by far my most anticipated game for next year.  The Mass Effect series is sort of like my Holy Grail.  While they’re not perfect games, they’ve made for the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played, combining both an excellent story with good gameplay.  With ME3 finishing off the trilogy, I’m expecting some major twists & explosive action.  I hope BioWare will pick up some elements from the first game that were left out, like actual planetary exploration.  Since they released the Firewalker DLC for ME2, I assume they’re planning some sort of exploration.  Regardless, short of just royally screwing the game up, I expect a great ending to a great franchise.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.  (February) In an industry of sequels, this is a brand new franchise (I say franchise because I doubt they would add “reckoning” if they weren’t going to make a series out of it) with an impressive pedigree.  The game looks like it has a Fable-esque design with the Elder Scrolls open-worldedness.  I like the idea behind the Destiny system.  It sounds similar to Skyrim’s skills.  You level up skills as you like & based on the combinations unlock different destinies.  I’m looking forward to see if this new title lives up to expectations.

Dragon’s Dogma.  (March) Yet another RPG on my list, Dragon’s Dogma is Capcom’s first attempt at a game of this genre.  And so far things look good.  The promise of large, mythical boss fights lends a sort of God of War sense to the game.  Add in the ability to command a small party of Pawns, & the ability to strategize should balance out the action.  I also recently saw an interview that stated you can share Pawns, allowing them to gain different experiences with other gamers.

NeverDead.  (February) This bizarre Konami title is just too weird to pass up.  The premise: you’re an undead demon hunter.  Because the main character, Bryce, is undead, it makes me wonder if he can actually die in the game.  When watching clips of his head rolling around by itself, my thought it “No.”  However, you do get a very human female sidekick, who can die.  My thinking is you lose if she dies.  Assuming the game doesn’t turn into a giant escort mission, this should be interesting.

Skullgirls.  (Early 2012) With no official release date, Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game slated for the PSN & XBLA.  With anime-style visuals & fast action, this looks like an interesting fighting game.  The all female roster has garnered the game some bad publicity from people claiming some of the characters are sexist.  For the record, I don’t take it as sexist.  There is variety to the character designs, & none of them come across as being just eye candy.

Tomb Raider.  (Q3 2012) I’ll admit I’ve never played the original Tomb Raider games.  No matter how influential to gaming, Lara Croft has always struck me as more about pandering to the main gamer demographic than actually being a strong female character.  However, this reboot to the series gives me some hope.  Set as a prequel to all of the games, Tomb Raider chronicles Lara’s rise to becoming the great explorer she was in previous games.  I like stories like this: where an ordinary person has to overcome extraordinary circumstances because they have no other choice.  It adds a new layer to the character.  Hopefully this game will revitalize the franchise & take it in a new direction.

Dead or Alive 5.  (Unk 2012) DOA is another of my guilty pleasures.  I love this fast-paced fighting game, but it’s one of those games that when people (ie. non-gamers) watch me play, they look at me funny.  Yes, I do realize it has a bunch of well-endowed women literally bouncing around in outfits that no woman could actually fight in.  But it’s just a lot of fun.   This version is also being developed by the eccentric Itagaki.  Developers state the game will have a more sophisticated tone.  And in terms of gameplay updates, there seems to be a greater emphasis on environmental hazards.   This will be the first installment since DOA2 that the game will also be released on the PS3.  I just hope they don’t pull the same boss fight bull they did with the fourth game.

Lollipop Chainsaw.  (March) The latest bizarre creation from Suda51, the concept behind this game is just so unique I can’t help but pay attention.  I’ve heard it described as No More Heroes with zombies.  In contrast with the hack & slash mayhem & typical dreary tone most zombie games have, this game features a cheerleader heroine & zombies that explode into rainbows… after you hack them up with your chainsaw, of course.  Even if this game does turn out to be a total dud, I’ll probably rent it just to experience it for myself.

Soul Calibur V.  (January) The whole weapons aspect of Soul Calibur has always set it apart from other fighting games to me.  This fifth version appears to feature a mostly new roster, although some fan favorites will return (such as Ivy & her chainmail thong).  Some characters haven’t been officially announced yet, but developers have stated Ezio from Assassin’s Creed will be a guest character.

Well, that’s it for my list of games I’m already looking forward to.  There will likely be more games that pop up under my radar.  I also hope to play through some older games from Gamefly, like Assassin’s Creed 2 & Portal.

Have a happy New Year everyone, & try not to get into too much trouble.

– GamerDame



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2 responses to “Looking Forward to the 2012 Gaming Year

  1. MADevine

    Nice list. I have ME3/Reckoning/DD on my list too. Not a huge fighting game fan, but Skullgirls had caught my eye. Not for the “eye-candy” but because I read that it’s all hand animated like oldschool fighters and strategies would involve knowing which attacks have how many frames and whether or not something could be blocked or interrupted based on that. Sounds crazy.

    I also wanted to point out that Reckoning is actually a setup game for 38Studios’/BigHugeGames’ upcoming MMORPG set in the Kingdoms of Amalur fiction (but like 2000 years later). It’s codename right now is Copernicus, but there’s next to nothing known about it except that it is in development.

    • I think I remember reading about KoA becoming an MMORPG before. The title obviously suggests the studios have more planned for their universe (they wouldn’t have added a subtitle if they didn’t). I’ll probably skip on the MMO, though, because I’m more of a single-player person. I doubt we’ll hear anything more about it until after Reckoning is released.

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