VGA Winners (Or How Psychic Am I?)

SpikeTV’s Video Game Awards show aired Saturday.  Unfortunately, I didn’t watch much of it because I spent that time getting my Christmas tree up.  But thanks to the wonder of the internet, I can skip all the cameos from celebrities who are about as far removed from gaming as I am from acting & just look up the winners on the computer.

Now, this isn’t a recap of the winners, because that would be boring & redundant.  Instead I’m going to refer back to my previous entry “SpikeTV Announces VGA Nominees” & see how well I did at predicting the winners.  Personally, I find that more interesting than watching the show, because usually what I want never wins (that’s why I typically don’t watch award shows).  Instead, I make guesses about who I think will win.  And you know what?  I’m usually right.  So let’s see how well I did:

  • Game of the Year: Right.  Not only was I right about Skyrim winning, but it was also my choice.  It’s kinda funny, because at one point I turned to Spike when they were showing clips from Skyward Sword & I thought they were announcing that it had won.  But then I stuck around to the end & saw that my favorite game this year won, & I was happy.  (If you couldn’t tell from the review I just did, I love Skyrim.)
  • Studio of the Year: Right. Chces are that whichever studio made the Game of the Year would win Studio of the Year, & Bethesda took the prize here.
  • Best XBox 360 Game: Wrong.  But I wasn’t that surprised that Arkham City won.
  • Best Wii Game: Right.  Come on, now.  Did you really think a Zelda game wouldn’t be the best Nintendo game this year?
  • Best PC Game: Wrong.  I was very surprised that Portal 2 took the prize.  Although I know people like the game, I would’ve bet money on Minecraft or Witcher 2.
  • Best Shooter: Right.  My guess of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 really was a shot in the dark, but based on my impression from what I’ve read, people consider it a better overall shooter.
  • Best RPG: Right.  Although I’ve already seen people complaining that Dark Souls didn’t get it.
  • Best Fighting Game:  I should’ve gone with my first instinct.  I guess since this most recent version is the only one I’ve played after childhood, I forget how important a game Mortal Kombat is.
  • Best Independent Game: Right.  What could possibly compete with the Minecraft phenomena?
  • Best Adapted Game: Right.  It wasn’t that hard a choice when you compared Arkham City to Back to the Future & Lego Star Wars.
  • Best Performance By a Human Female: Wrong.  Way off.  Again, I should’ve considered the impact of the original Portal to guess that Glados would win.
  • Most Anticipated Game: Right.  Right & happy that my choice actually won.

Score: 8/12 or 70%

So overall, not bad, especially considering on most of them I was guessing about games I’d never played.  So does that mean I’m psychic?  Or am I just an astute observer of trends?  I’m going to go with the second option (& there’s a 70% chance I’m right).

– GamerDame


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