Skyrim Misadventures I: Double Dragons

After my first week in Skyrim, I’ve decided not to do a daily post, mainly because it would become tedious & uninteresting.  Now that I’ve seen most of the new mechanics of the game, I’ve decided only to post the more interesting adventures of Phedre the Bosmer.  Or rather, misadventures.  Basically, any glitches, oddities, or anything funny in general.

Yesterday’s misadventure was, as the title suggests, having to fight not one, but two dragons at the same time!  It was near the Eldergleam Sanctuary.  I noticed the dragon head symbol on my compass, which indicates a word wall.  It was the Bonestrewn Crest.  As I neared, I noticed a very large dragon circling over a nearby plateau.  “Aw, crap,” I thought.  “I’ll bet that’s it, & now I can’t sneak up on the dragon.”  You can’t stealth kill a dragon, but at least sneaking up on it lets you get the first hit.

Suddenly, a shadow flew overhead & the ground shook.  I turned around in time to get burned by a second dragon!  After shouting some surprised expletives, I ran for higher ground to give me time to regroup.  But clearly this second dragon was what had the first dragon on patrol, as he decided to fly over & join the party.  So now I had two dragons after me at the same time.

The second dragon was a random encounter & was marked as a blood dragon, which start appearing after level 18-20.  The other was just a regular dragon.  I think the specific types of dragons only apply to random encounters & not the ones guarding word walls.  Like I said, I think this is the case, but don’t quote me.

It was a tough fight.  I had no cover at all.  The only thing that saved me was that only one dragon was on the ground at a time.  I tried to focus on that dragon & ignored the airborne one.  Of course that didn’t stop it from hurling fireballs at me from the sky.  Also, another tip for fighting dragons is that they’ll attack anything… even each other.  I had a few bits of respite when they turned on each other, letting me heal.

But I did manage to slay them both without dying.  It was a moment of great triumph.  Plus it gave me two dragon souls, a bunch of gold, & six dragon bones & scales.  The word wall gave me the word “Fo” or “Frost,” & is the first word in Frost Breath.  It’s similar to Fire Breath, except obviously that it’s frost damage.  It also appears to have the same damage total, but works a little more slowly.

Really, yesterday’s session was one big dragon hunting jamboree.  I defeated four dragons in total:

  1. Bonestrewn Crest dragon — learned & unlocked first word of Frost Breath
  2. random blood dragon — unlocked second word of Throw Voice, which lets me project my voice at a specific point
  3. Autumnwatch Tower dragon — a tower south of Ivarstead & an Imperial Legion camp.  It was a very easy fight, even without using the tower for cover.  The word wall is on top of the tower.  I learned & unlocked the first word for Marked For Death, “Krii” or “Kill.”  I haven’t used it yet in combat, but it reduces an enemy’s health, armor & stamina.
  4. Northwind Summit — far east of Ivarstead, this location was given to me by a random courier.  I accidentally went to wrong way up & came down on the dragon.  With my new shouts, it wasn’t too difficult a fight.  There are several shacks around the area you can take cover in.  I learned & unlocked the first word in Aura Whisper, “Laas” or “Life.”  It’s basically a Detect Life power.  It was kind of weird the first time I used it, because the screen goes black for a second before everything comes back & living creatures has a read glow.

I also completed a few minor quests, cleared some caves & towers, freed a Thalmor prisoner (after getting the Thalmor to attack me by saying I can worship whoever I want).  On a side note, if you’re a mage, I highly recommend you attack some of them because one had a cool coat with some decent magicka perks.  I also learned the first word for Kyne’s Peace by investigating the “haunting” of Shroud Hearth Barrow in Ivarstead.  I won’t spoil anything, but the beginning of the quest is pretty funny.  I haven’t unlocked the word yet, but I really should, since it makes creatures flee.  This would make traveling through the wilderness easier, especially from those blasted bears.  Oh, & I got a courier killed.  Poor guy tried to deliver a message to me but saved me from a sabre cat attack by using his own body.  I killed the cat & dragged the courier’s body into a dignified resting position.

I had a few interesting experiences during the “Striking the Heart” mission from Aela.  I’ve seen forums saying stealth is broken because you can one-hit kill most enemies.  And that may be true, but it’s just another way to feel bad ass.  It’s endlessly amusing to snipe Silver Hand thugs while they patrol a walkway over head & watch them fall off the cliff into the water.  So is watching thugs look for you while talking big, then picking them off once they’ve forgotten about you.  I tried to be clever with the boss & let loose a sabre cat on him.  But the cat just attacked me & drew the guards near.  Thankfully the boss was too stupid to figure out how to open the door to the arena to get me, so I just stood on the hill above him & rained arrows on his head.

I also managed to get some pictures of Phedre taken.  They were taken with my cellphone, so they’re not the highest quality, but I think they’re not bad.

Normal equipment

W/out Krosis mask to show face

My plan for next time is to complete my current Companion quest (retrieval) & make it to Riften.  I keep trying, but I get distracted.

– GamerDame


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