Minecraft 1.0 on the Horizon

Taking a break from Skyrim for a bit, I recently read that the “finished” version of Minecraft will be released on November 18.  Creator of Minecraft & founder of Mojang founder, Notch, tweeted that the game would be available for download the day after tomorrow.  He also commented that, while this version is no longer a beta, they do still plan to release additional upgrades to the final version.

It’s not often I can genuinely say a game has started a new trend, what with most publishers content to re-release previously successful titles just with different masks, but Minecraft truly did start a trend.  What started as a creation engine soon blossomed into a phenomenon.  Now some of the most popular Indie games on XBL are Minecraft variation.  At the time of writing this post, two of the top ten best-selling Indie games of all time on Live are FortressCraft & Total Miner, both XBL versions of Minecraft.  Furthermore, four out of the five best-selling games today are in the same vein as Minecraft.

Who would’ve thought a game with Lego block graphics would become such a hit?

I’ve played Minecraft before, but it’s been a while.  I think update 1.5 was the last time I played.  That being said, I think the game’s success in the result of deceptively simple gameplay, online multiplayer, the ability to shape your world to your liking, & the continuous feedback between Mojang & the players.  Notch & his team actually listen to what players are saying & attempt to add new features accordingly.  With the official game’s release, I hope this relationship continues so the game becomes even greater.

More importantly, with the game’s release coming, that means that tomorrow is your last day to download the beta version for 25% off.  By purchasing the beta, this will give you free access to the final version.  So if you planned to buy the game but never got around to it, you better act fast.

– GamerDame


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