Polling While I Wait

If you’ve followed any of my posts, you’ll know I’ve been waiting anxiously for Skyrim‘s release.  Well, it was finally released yesterday… & I still don’t have it.  Even though I pre-ordered it.  What genius decided the release date should be on Veteran’s Day?  People like me, whose pre-order was coming through the regular mail, wouldn’t get it.  Mail doesn’t run on federal holidays.  I know they probably didn’t do it on purpose, but thought it was a cool release date (11/11/11).  The worst part is I know it’s at my post office.  I tracked it being shipped there.

I should get it tomorrow, which I guess works out better for me anyway.  I wouldn’t have wanted to go to work this morning if I had gotten it.  But I have the next two days off, so I’ll have plenty of time to play.

But while I wait, I was thinking about what types of characters people create in games in general.  Specifically, I wonder if more people create characters of the same gender as them or different.  I also wonder if more men create female characters than the other way around.

Personally, I always create female characters.  There are enough cool male characters that when given the chance, I want to create a cool female character.  I imagine that probably more males create female characters than females creating males.  So I’m creating a poll to see if my theory is true.

It’ll give me something to keep me preoccupied while I wait.

– GamerDame


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