First Impressions: Assassin’s Creed

I always love a game that starts with a disclaimer or warning.  My personal favorite is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, where it warns about the game psychologically profiling you to create your own nightmare.  Assassin’s Creed shows a similar disclaimer, stating that the game is based on historical information & was made by people of different cultures, races, etc.  I think this was an effort to keep people from saying the developers were biased against the different factions appearing.

Assassin’s Creed is one of those games I never got around to playing even though it sounded pretty interesting.  I think I just wasn’t interested enough to fork out full price for something I wasn’t sure I was going to like.  But thanks to game renting, I can finally check it out.

I haven’t played much of the game yet, just getting used to it, but I already have a lot of questions.  For instance, after Altair gets demoted, why does he lose all of his skills?  His weapons I get, but how did they take abilities away?  Did the knife they stabbed him with have some kind of poison that made him stupider or something?  Why does Altair speak with an American accent when everyone else has a Middle Eastern one?  I supposed you could argue it’s because it’s Desmond reliving memories, but I’m pretty sure Ezio’s voice doesn’t sound that way.  And why do guards attack me for riding my horse too fast?  I guess it’s like one LP’er said, “He’s breaking the speed limit!  Cut him!”

Aside from these issues that I doubt I’ll ever get an answer to, I have enjoyed what little I’ve played so far.  I expected the free-running to be more complicated than it actually was.  Switching between passive & aggressive actions does take a bit of getting used to.  I also like that as I help citizens, I gain allies in the city who help me escape the Templars.  I haven’t gotten to assassinate anyone yet, but my mob of vigilantes did toss some Templars around after I stopped them from harassing some lady.

With my long “weekend” coming up I should be able to finish AC within the next week.

– GamerDame


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