Upcoming Release Dates

It’s been a slow week for gaming for me.  No interesting releases have come out on XBL, & I’ve finished just about every game I’ve got.  So because I feel a bit guilty for not having any interesting posts, I figured I’d at least list what games I’m looking forward to coming out this year.

Resident Evil 4 HD: 360, Release date September 27  I didn’t even know about this one until I was searching an upcoming release list.  I’m actually kinda bummed having just learned about it.  The Wii edition was on my GameQ list at Gamefly, which they just shipped to me Saturday.  Now I’ll have to wait to get it, then send it back & wait for another game.  I’d rather play the 360 version because I’m so rubbish at Wii controls.  I don’t want to spoil the game by playing on a different console, so I’ll wait until it’s released on XBL Demand.

Dark Souls: 360, Release date October 4  Even though this game looks to be extremely hard, I’m looking forward to it.  If you think about it, fantasy games should be dangerous, making leery of what’s around the corner.  It’ll probably be a while before I finish it, however.

Silent Hill Downpour: 360, Release date October 25  Like Resident Evil, Silent Hill is one of those series I know the storyline but never actually played.  I’ll probably rent this game, & maybe buy it if I enjoy it enough.

Skyrim: 360, Release date November 11  This game is a given.  I’ve already pre-ordered it for the 360.  This game looks so good, I can hardly wait.  I expect it to suck up much of my free time once I get it.

Saints Row The Third: 360, Release date November 15  As much as I want this game, I’ll probably be too busy playing Skyrim to get it.  Most likely I’ll save this one for my Christmas list.

Those are the only games I’m specifically waiting for this year.  Unfortunately, I still have a bit to wait before my anticipated games start coming out.  In the meantime, I’ll have to satisfy myself with Gamefly & XBLA… if anything good comes out.

– GamerDame


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