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First Impressions: Limbo

You know an Indie game is popular when it gets released on a disk for the general public.  But can you really call it an indie game after that?  Sell outs!  But I kid.  I think it’s more than a little hypocritical to only support something because it isn’t “mainstream,” parading around shouting about how it’s great & deserves more attention, only to turn around & criticize when it does become popular.  It’s like being goth (or is it emo now?) to be different, when really you’re only falling into another stereotype.  No offense if you’re goth or emo & reading this, but you know it’s true.

But I digress…

Limbo is one such game that has gained mainstream fame.  In April of this year, it was released on a combo pack along with Splosion Man & Trials HD.  After hearing people go on & on about how great a game it was, how thought-provoking & artistic it is, I rented the combo disc from Gamefly.

For the most part, the game has been what I expected.  The art style is unique & impressive.  You’d think a game that’s mostly just light & shadow would be bland, but there’s a surprising amount of detail in the environment.  It is a bit strange how the boy’s eyes shine even when going through a cave or something.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was how hard it would be.  Perhaps “hard” isn’t the right word.  The game relies a lot on trial & error for its “puzzles” (I say it that way because they’re not always the traditional idea of a puzzle).  However, the game will usually restart you just before you latest death, so it’s not like having to replay a whole level again.

My favorite part so far was when I finally got to kill the stupid spider git that’d been chasing me for the first part of the game.  To understand my joy, you must first understand how much I hate spiders!  Unless they’re tiny, I have to get someone else to kill them for me.  If I try to kill one, miss, & it gets away, I get paranoid that it’s plotting against me.  I can’t even watch spiders on tv.  So imagine my dismay when a creepy arachnid brought my worst fears to life, plotting against me!  After snipping its legs off with a trap & throwing it off a ledge with a boulder, I finally got the pull its single remaining leg off with my bare hands.  I jumped up & down in joy for about a minute (in the game) before further desecrating the body by rolling it around & jumping off it.

Overall, the game has a macabre, depressing theme to it.  And not just in the visuals.  There are other aspects that seem depressing.  Like when you die & the camera stays there for a moment as if to let the goriness sink in, or how your head flies off like it’s attached with masking tape.  Eventually you start to get paranoid.  Everything that doesn’t look right while make you shout out, “Trap!”

Hopefully, I’ll finish Limbo sometime this week & have my full review of it.

– GamerDame


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