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Gaming News From Gamescom 2011

So gaming’s been a little slow for me the past few weeks.  I’ve actually spent most of my free-time sleeping.  But now it’s time to get back to what I love most: gaming & writing about it.  (Also, thanks to those who posted reviews.  They really helped me get motivated to write again.)

Last week Gamescom 2011 was going on in Europe.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, think of it as Europe’s E3.  Gaming companies showed off their latest works, & there was some more news on upcoming games.  There was too much going on for me to list everything, so I just picked the games that were of most interest to me.

Some of these are updates on games I was already looking forward to, but there was one new game that caught my interest.

Lollipop Chainsaw



Genre: Action, Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture, Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, Consoles: 360 & PS3

I just happened to come across this game while scanning through a list of titles from the convention & thought, “What the heck is this?”  But after reading that Suda 51 (behind No More Heroes) was the creative director behind the game, I decided to check out the trailer.  Lollipop Chainsaw is about a cheerleader named Juliet who fights zombies.  She uses a chainsaw combined with her acrobatics to slice & dice the undead.  Not much about the plot has been revealed, other than Juliet is fighting against zombies that have invaded her school, & that her chainsaw can be upgraded.  The trailer looks suitably quirky.  I hope more gets revealed soon before the release date some time in 2012.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out to be another Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad.

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row 2 should probably fall under Games I’m Embarrassed to Admit I Played, but only to non-gamers.  As much as I love playing the nice, diplomatic hero, sometimes it’s just fun to be a tough bad-ass & create havoc.  And Saints Row 2 catered to this.  SR3 looks to be every bit as fun as the 2nd (I never played the first).  Several changes to gameplay have been announced.  The biggest is that you no longer use Respect to unlock missions.  Instead, Respect acts as experience, allowing you to level up your character’s abilities.  Also, it appears you’ll have more options on how to complete missions, which will affect various aspects of the game.  You get a new city to play in as well, Steelport.  The basic plot is a lot like SR2.  After the second game, the Saints have become superstars.  But after a botched bank heist, the boss, Johnny Gatt & Shandi are kidnapped.  The leader of the Syndicate tells them he wants a piece of Stillwater.  He’ll let the Saints keep their gang, assuming they pay 66% of all income to him.  Of course this doesn’t fly with the Saints, & they end up crashing in Steelport, which is run by the Syndicate via three new gangs.  You have the daper European Morning Star, the Mexican Luchadores & the genius hacker Deckers.  The goal is to take over the city, & most likely Stillwater as well.  The opening gameplay video looks awesome & much more fun than SR2.  The only thing I hope they’ve changed in some recognition that there are female gamers who want to play as female characters.  Meaning not into the whole girl-on-girl thing.  The scenes where my female boss was watching female strippers really broke the immersion for me.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to when this comes out on November 15 of this year.

Soul Calibur V

I mentioned SCV when I wrote about E3, but more information has been revealed since then.  Several new & returning characters have been confirmed.  Returning characters include Mitsurugi, Tira, Ivy, Voldo, Hilde, Maxi, Nightmare & Siegfried.  Taki is also supposed to appear, but it’s unclear if she’s playable.  I figured fan favorite Ivy would be back, but I’m glad to see Hilde as well.  She’s one of the only female characters that actually looks like she’s ready to fight (News Flash guys: spandex & thongs don’t make for comfortable fighting attire).  Several new characters have been introduced as well.  Leixia is Xianghua’s daughter & weilds a Chinese sword.  Natsu is Taki’s disciple & uses two ninjato.  Patroklos & Pyrrha Alexandros are Sophitia’s children, both using their mother’s style of sword & shield.  Z.W.I.E uses a sword with three handles & a wolf.  The story, as in most fighting games, isn’t that important, but it has Patroklos as the main character.  I’m looking forward to this game.  Soul Calibur is my favorite fighting franchise, so I’m eager to see what changes have been made to gameplay.  No specific release date has been announced other than in March 2012.

Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning

Another game I mentioned from E3, no real gameplay announcements have been made, but we did get an official release date of February 7 2012.  Also, the new trailer reveals a bit more about the plot.  From what I can gather from it, the game takes place in a world that depends heavily on fate.  The main enemy appears to be a man who wishes to use the “Well of Souls” to become immortal, & your character seems to have something to do with it.  According to the narration, you die & are reborn, thereby severing you from fate, giving you a choice over your “destiny.”  I’m really looking forward to this & hope it lives up to my expectations.

 Dragon’s Dogma

No new information as far as the gameplay or story, but a release date has been set for March 27 2012.

It seems like all the games I’m interested in come out after November.  Where will I find the time to play them all?

– GamerDame


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