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Voting for FemShep Round 2

Recently BioWare announced the winner of their female Shepard design.  It was design 5, which if you remember was the blonde with the longer, messy hair.  That was my second choice, but I had a feeling that one would win.  But now BioWare is letting us vote for the hair color.  There are four options: black, blonde, brunette & red.  All are exactly the same except for the hair (& eyes, but it’s hard to see the color, so I assume they go with the hair color).  Currently red is in the lead.  So if you want to vote go to Mass Effect 2’s Facebook pg & find the album.  It’s not hard, it’s just a few entries down on their wall.

Oh, & if you’re curious, I voted for the red-head.  I love red hair.  Plus, there aren’t enough bad-ass red-heads in video games.

– GamerDame


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