How do you know when you think about gaming too much?

When you have dreams about games you haven’t even played yet.

Seriously.  I’ve never dreamed about playing video games until today.  And it wasn’t even dreaming about being in the game, it was about playing the game.

My dream was that I was playing Skyrim with a group of friends in a sort of competition.  The strange thing about it was that the people I was playing against never play video games, so the competition was really unfair.  I don’t even remember who I was playing against, I just remember thinking how easy it was going to be to win because they didn’t know what they were doing.

It was at the start of the game (remember that all of this is just how my dream went, & likely not how any of the game will actually be).  I started out in a cave/dungeon (probably because in Oblivion you have to make your way through a cave to get out of jail).  I selected what race to play as & it gave me a randomly generated character that I got to customize at the end.  I was a Bosmer (or Wood Elf).  I always play as a Bosmer because I love being sneaky & using a bow to take out enemies from a distance, & Bosmers have the best stats for that.

There wasn’t a whole lot to the dream other than running around & trying to get the key items before my friends (which I did, by the way).  The item system was a combination of Oblivion & Dragon Age 2.  They were out in the open like in Oblivion, but key items had that symbol that quest items have in DA2.

I think the reason I had this dream — other than just being excited to play the game — is because before I fell asleep I was thinking about how many months until Skyrim comes out.  Also, this weekend I saw some more screenshots of what some of the races would look like, so I think that was a big influence.

Three more months to go.  Hope I can wait that long.

– GamerDame


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