Baby’s First XBL Live Experience

I’ve had access to XBL for a little over a month now (thanks to finally getting high-speed at the house), & I’ve been enjoying my experience.  It’s nice to finally be able to download all of the cool add-ons & dlc’s that I’ve heard about & even watched on Youtube but haven’t been able to buy.  In fact, my first week was mostly spent replaying Mass Effect 2 with the new content (which was awesome, by the way).

I’ve also spent of a lot of time in the indie & arcade game sections.  There are tons of great indie games out there, as well as great arcade & classic games.  I try to limit the amount of games I buy, because obviously my resources aren’t unlimited.  I always play the trial first, then buy it if I really like it.  I’ve also decided to avoid buying most of the games on demand with two exceptions: if it’s an older game or if it’s cheaper than what I could get from Gamestop.  The reason for the second guideline is that at least when I buy from Gamestop I can sell the game back when I’m done.

However, I haven’t yet had much experience with the Live part of XBox Live.  Meaning I haven’t really played any games online with other people.  There are a few reasons I think I haven’t jumped on that bandwagon yet:

  1. I’m so used to playing games solo.  I have so few friends that actually play games, & it’s hard to get together with the ones who do, that I’m just kind of accustomed to playing on my own.
  2. I don’t have a lot of games in common with the friends I do have on Live.  Most of my friends like shooters, which isn’t something I’m really into.  Most of my games are more geared toward solo play.
  3. I do have a bit of paranoia about interacting with people who I don’t actually know.  I’m better than I used to be.  I know how to keep myself safe & tell when things are getting a little strange.  Thankfully, XBL does have a lot of safety settings I can adjust, as well as Reputations & blocking, so I don’t ever feel unsafe when I’m online.

That being said, a few weeks I has my first actual Live experience, a la Fable III.  And it was a bit… dysfunctional.  Since I didn’t have any friends with the game, I joined a random game.  I followed the guy to the demon door at Mistpeak Valley & we tried to unlock it by doing various friendly interactions.  Nothing worked.  It wasn’t until later that I read  you have to either get married or (if you’re already married) kiss.  Unfortunately it appears that my microphone doesn’t work.  I have a headset that came with the console, & I can hear just fine, but apparently people can’t hear me.  But the guy was a good sport about it all.

My second experience was a little more productive.  This time someone asked to join my game.  Together we completed one of the last missions before you have to fight the Crawler, where you have to fight off balvarines.  I hate balvarines.  I prefer ranged weapons, but the little buggers keep hopping around when I get too far away, & if they hit you with their rage attack thing, you can’t block.  So I was really glad to have help coming along.  Again, I could hear him talking, but he couldn’t hear me.  With his help, I had no trouble fighting off several waves of balvarines.

So basically my experience with online play has been a bit sketchy, mostly due to my own inexperience with the system.  I’m learning.  So if you happen to see my gamertag & I’m stumbling about the system, try to be patient with me.  Remember, you were a newb once too.

– GamerDame


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